JS News, 5 February 2020

Andy Gordon - Deputy Principal, Head of Junior School

Andy Gordon - Deputy Principal, Head of Junior School

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Thurs 6 Feb

Year 5 Excursion to Rowing Shed

Fri 7 Feb

Whole College Commencement Service

Mon 10 Feb

ELC Welcome Drinks

“Reach for the Sky” said Woody from Toy Story, and so will we!  

As part of the privilege of educating and inspiring learners comes the responsibility to support each child to achieve strong academic outcomes. Every child succeeding to their highest potential is beneficial to the whole community. We know that it is our duty to develop within every learner the skills, strategies and personal qualities to have access to the opportunities they desire for life after school.  

Our commitment is to empower teachers, support staff and learners to utilise highly effective and successful strategies to achieve the very best outcomes for our learners. Our teachers take personal and collective responsibility for improving student learning and have high levels of pedagogical knowledge to cater for all learning needs within the classroom. We place a strong emphasis on building the capacity of all staff through ongoing professional learning, and to reducing the disruption of quality class time.  

In the Junior School, learning through inquiry complements the rigorous approach we adopt to the development of students’ Literacy and Numeracy skills. This approach strengthens the purpose and application of the development of these foundational capabilities.  

Your child’s wellbeing is, and always will be, our priority and privilege. My holiday reading of a book called, “When the Adults Change, Everything Changes” (2017) by UK educator Paul Dix, reminded me of two pillars or the rails of the train track, for success in learning communities - Visible Consistency and Visible Kindness. Consistency in our learning and acting with Kindness in all that we do. We are Principled, Reflective, Caring, Knowledgeable, Communicators, Balanced, Open-minded, Thinkers, Risk-takers and Inquirers.   

Creating a culture of literacy, numeracy, science and inquiry at home will perfectly complement the culture of learning in the classroom. The reach is for deep learning. All opportunities for number facts to be remembered for quick and accurate recall, or for daily reading and mastery of texts, is important for fluency and comprehension. Research demonstrates that competent and confident learners, experiencing high levels of engagement during school, adjust to the world of further study and life beyond school with resilience, able to commit and contribute to their communities.  

I began with a pop-culture catchphrase of ‘reach for the sky’. We know this is much more than reaching for something unattainable. This is determining now that we will reach for high levels of academic achievement and succeed through quality learning experiences and highly effective approaches to teaching.  

We love learning alongside you, in partnership to create personalised learning for your children.  

Andy and the Junior School Team 



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