JS News, 6 Feb 2019

The Mulford Junior School at Radford College

The Mulford Junior School at Radford College

By Karen Mahar, Acting Head of Junior School

Important dates

Monday 11 Feb           ELC Welcome Drinks 
Wed 13 Feb                Year 4 parent iPad sessions
Tues 19 Feb                Year 3 – 6 Swim Carnival
Wed 20 Feb                Junior School Photos 


A heartfelt welcome to the 2019 school year. We offer a particularly warm welcome to all the new students, families and staff who join the Radford community. 

It has been an excellent first day. I am grateful to the students for their cooperation as we commence the routines associated with returning to the school year. I also wish to thank parents for making time to meet with Junior School teachers yesterday. Many fruitful conversations took place, contributing to the smooth beginnings in learning spaces today. 

With our focus for 2019 predominantly being about belonging, connecting and strengthening relationships, it may well be that the real journey is not seeking new learnings, but seeing with new eyes?! 

With the handover of the new Year 3 and 4 building late last week, we acknowledge the enormous effort from staff in working towards getting the learning spaces ready. 

Last week our Junior School Staff were inspired when engaging in Professional Learning. One of the workshops revisited Radford College values. All we undertake and aim to achieve is done with truth, compassion and wisdom. 

Fr Richard has asked: could living our College values be as simple as practising respect? If so, what does this look like?

To begin this discussion Fr Richard proposed that practising respect could be framed as follows:

  • See again…. and again
  • Listen deeply
  • Act with kindness 

Junior School Open Morning

Sunday morning saw many students (and parents) exuberant in being able to return to school after an extended summer break. More than 330 community members enjoyed a glorious morning, exploring our learning spaces while establishing new friendships and catching up with old friends. The relaxed atmosphere encouraged both new and existing students and their families to connect with our community. 

Year 12 Prefect students made worthy tour guides. One student drew comparisons between our new buildings and the television programme, ‘Grand Designs’, referring to the exposed concrete, solar passive design and backdrop of expansive panoramas of Gossan Hill.

We are grateful to the Year 10 volunteers who arrived early to prepare fruit and morning tea. Despite the warm conditions, the coffee was excellent and in high demand. 

Warm weather wellbeing

Please remember to send your child with a water bottle and hat each day.

Increased numbers in carparks and regular routines might take a little more patience. Please refer to our recent email communication regarding drop-off and collection routines.

Reading Challenge

It has been great to see so many children and families participating in the annual Radford Junior School reading challenge. Please continue to send in your A-Z of reading photos. Photos will be displayed in the Junior School Reception foyer. We plan to celebrate the challenge on Friday 22 February. Details to be announced soon. 

We look forward with great anticipation to the opportunities and challenges of 2019.



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