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Junior School art on the theme of Acknowledgement of Country

Junior School art on the theme of Acknowledgement of Country




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By Tracey Markovic – Assistant Head of Junior School, Operations and Systems

Tracey Markovic Assistant Head of Junior School, Operations and SystemsThe focus of last week’s EWC forum was ‘Radford Students as Global Citizens’. Junior and Secondary staff from across the campus worked collaboratively in a presentation to members of the College Board, staff and interested parents, to outline how we at Radford College embody and live out our vocation as a learning and teaching community committed to the common good.

Oxfam defines a global citizen as: Someone who is aware of and understands the wider world – and their place in it. They take an active role in their community and work with others to make our planet more peaceful. 
Oxfam GB | What is global citizenship, 2021 

In the Junior School, we believe a person who is globally minded is someone who:

  • sees themselves as connected to the global community
  • assumes a sense of collective responsibility for the world – and the people within it
  • appreciates and values the diversity of peoples, cultures, societies and religions in the world
  • makes an effort to learn about others, in the spirit of achieving mutual understanding and respect. 

The presentation captured what we are currently doing as a College to achieve our goal of developing globally minded learners. 

In the Junior School we do this in three interconnected ways: 

  • Promoting intercultural understanding
    We engage students in the study of locally, nationally and globally significant issues and ideas; including the environment, peace and conflict, rights and responsibilities, inequalities, recognising the factors that influence the challenges faced by different groups in our world, and considering sustainable development.
  • Engaging locally and globally
    We create opportunities for students to make connections with people who have different perspectives – people from different cultures, nationalities and social backgrounds – both within our school and beyond. These experiences provide our students with the opportunity to ‘be human with others’. Through this, students learn about themselves and others.
  • Celebrating language
    Language is a window into culture. Through learning and understanding how a language works, our students gain insight into their own and other cultures, as well as different ways of thinking. A focus on language engages students in considering multiple perspectives.

Snapshots were provided into some of the JS curriculum elements that support our efforts to develop global-mindedness, as well as some of the additional opportunities with which our students engage. 

In Pre-Kindergarten, through our Who We Are unit of inquiry, students begin their journey by looking at the identity of each child and what it means to belong. 

In Kindergarten, students explore the cultural backgrounds of everyone in each class. This is achieved through sharing family memories and stories. Students also look at cultures beyond their own to broaden their perspectives. 

Year 1 students explore the powerful concept of custodianship through their inquiries into Where We Are in Place and Time. They also examine the rights and responsibilities that come along with it. 

In Year 2, students look at cultures from around the world and also explore the concept of sustainability and our responsibility for managing resources. 

Students in Year 3 explore the world, and how it has changed, through the medium of art and begin to explore challenges and opportunities associated with where different people live. 

Indigenous cultural artefacts at the National Gallery  Exploring the world through the medium of art

In Year 4, through their inquiries into Where We Are in Place and Time, students look at migration and the reasons for people moving. They also begin to explore sustainability through the lens of making informed choices as consumers. 

Year 5 delve into the interconnected nature of communities around the world, particularly through the concept of need through their Sharing the Planet unit of inquiry. They also explore the concept of decision-making and the differing values that inform the actions that we see around the world. 

In Year 6, students look at history from different perspectives and analyse how understanding can promote change. Sustainable solutions are examined through the concept of balance, again looking at competing priorities and perspectives. 

Connecting with the planet

All students from Kindergarten to Year 6 study Spanish. Spanish lessons expose students to a language and provide a unique perspective with regard to culture. 

The PYP culminates in Year 6 with the PYP Exhibition. Students undertake a term-long inquiry into an area of passion – as part of this unit, they must take action to make the world a better and more peaceful place.  

ELC Anglicare Pantry AppealFeaturing alongside our JS curriculum, we also have a strong service program:

  • RTC – Radford Tribal Council has representatives from all classes. Students make decisions about how to best promote and support the action ideas that come out of our units of inquiry.
  • RAS Junior (Radford Awareness & Service Junior) is for our students in Years 3 and 4. Our RAS students lead and support action initiatives and work across the College with our Secondary School RAS students where appropriate.
  • Round Square is offered to students in Years 5 and 6 and provides an amazing opportunity to connect our students, and teachers, with like-minded people from around the world. 

One of the College’s strategic priorities in the Radford College Strategic Plan 2021–2025 is: 
‘To encourage students to develop and respond to the needs of others with considered action'. 

Through our strong curriculum focus, as well as our extra-curricular offerings, our students are well supported in becoming global citizens of the future.

Week 7 Celebration


KKS – Ava Dunn for always demonstrating a positive attitude, a love of learning and showing kindness to all.

KSG – Lila Smith for displaying a zest for learning and sharing thoughtful insights during class discussion.

KAS – Flynn Gordon for displaying a love of learning through sharing his knowledge in discussions.

Year 1

1MH – Caitlin Pennington for showing a love of learning by writing creative and interesting narratives.

1RJ – Thomas Adzic for always demonstrating a 'can do' attitude and being such a positive role model for all!

1HT – Dylan Lacey being a great learner and working collaboratively with others. You are a such a positive role model!

1AJ – Cora Whitby for displaying a love of learning in all areas, social intelligence when interacting with her peers and teachers, and an overall zest for life!

Year 2

2KH – Kiana Huynh for displaying researching skills and thinking of some positive action when investigating a natural resource.

2SD – Zara Davison for showing a love of learning and taking action to share her ideas about connections she made to our Sharing the Planet inquiry.

2TF – Bella Espinosa for the enthusiasm and energy she brings to all our class learning experiences.

2LM – Lincoln Dalton for demonstrating a love of learning by always having a positive attitude in class.

Year 3

3NM – Ayaan Khan, for your enthusiastic and positive approach to all learning tasks.

3JC – Ethan Yang for delivering an excellent presentation on Ramadan, highlighting his fantastic research skills and deep general knowledge. 

3RS – Rebecca Zhang for demonstrating a love of learning through her inquiry into Chinese New Year celebrations!

3TM – Cole Judd for consistently demonstrating a love of learning by wanting to deepen his knowledge and share his thinking.

3RB – To Felicity Cameron for going out of her way to greet teachers and peers in a friendly and positive way each day. Her enthusiasm for school gives us energy and pleasure.   

Year 4

4TM – Grace Wang for her infectious love of learning and consistently striving to always do her best and inspire others.

4JC – Amber Dhingra and Ananya Balivada for taking action to improve awareness of sustainability issues.

4HO – Om Kondapally for showing a love of learning by consistently sharing his ideas and contributing to whole-class discussion.

4BF – Venya Vikramadithyan for taking action in learning about our responsibilities towards sustainability.

4DO – Will Holliday for consistently showing a love of learning and making connections between concepts and in his prior knowledge.

Year 5

5KP – Jazzy Snare for her persistence and taking genuine action with her learning.

5DG – Angelina Hu for demonstrating a true love of learning and showing constant positivity with her approach to all tasks.

5RK – Shanika Mamoon and Ayana Khan for displaying self-regulation, perseverance and empathy during the month of Ramadan.

5BL – Tomas Harrington for consistently demonstrating a genuine love of learning and applying himself wholeheartedly to all learning activities.

5SW – Rohan Steven for demonstrating a love of learning and engaging in class activities with curiosity.

5SW – Connor Dugard for applying his love of learning in reading and writing workshops.

Year 6

6TW – Tommy Charlton for demonstrating a love of learning and excellent self-management skills by quietly getting on with all learning experiences and engaging deep thinking.

6HB – Rishhi Elango for engaging with his learning in a determined and committed manner and being kind and courteous towards others.

6PG – Owen Scowcroft for demonstrating confidence and humour when presenting his rostrum speech.

6MW – Emilie Gautama for demonstrating a love of learning and displaying enthusiasm in all tasks she participates in.



Library – Rachel Yu (4JC) for consistently demonstrating a love of learning through her passion for books and reading.

Library – Adelyn Li (1RJ) for a love of learning in library lessons.

PE – Abigail Hiew (6MW) for demonstrating wonderful skills in the rowing unit. Abbey showed great form and fitness.

PE – Kate Francis (5DG) for her open-minded and positive approach to new sports and skills during PE. 

PE – Molly Jones (6TW) for her enthusiastic participation in our new rowing unit. 

Art – Sophie Henry (4BF) for her principled approach to research and creation of her Earth from Above artwork.

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