JS News, 9 Sept 20

Andy Gordon - Deputy Principal, Head of Junior School

Andy Gordon - Deputy Principal, Head of Junior School

Dates to Remember


Wed/Thurs 9/10 Sept

Author Visit – Oliver Phommavanh

Thurs 10 Sept

Year 1MH Excursion to Barton Grocer

Frid 11 Sept

Year 5 Excursion to National Museum

PreK and Kindergarten Incursion – Footsteps Dance

Mon 14 Sept

Year 1HT Excursion to Barton Grocer

Wed 16 Sept

Year 1RJ Excursion to Barton Grocer


Welcome to Week 8

We enjoyed a fantastic Celebration last week, as we connected with one another and shared photos, memories and learning. We heard from RAS and the RTC about an action project, and the upcoming Discotheque on the last day of Term 3 (see separate article). 

Drop Off and Pick Up is usually quite smooth. Two things to commit to memory, though:  

1) If you don’t have a Pre-Kindergarten student, and the drop off in front of the JS is backing up, please proceed to the Chapel Drop Off, rather than blocking the traffic stream.

2) When in the traffic stream, check to see if you can proceed into the JS Drop Off without blocking the exit from the Chapel Drop Off and Pick Up. 

Radford College is a litter-free school! There is an old saying that we tend to become the stories that we tell ourselves. That power can be used in helpful or unhelpful ways. “We are a litter-free school”. This is a very helpful story for us to tell ourselves. That means there is no litter on paths, around bag racks, in gardens, on or under stairs, mashed into seats, and all the other places that litter seems to find to hide. When we believe something strongly, it is really difficult to act against it. We need to believe that we are a litter free school with actions that follow. 

Discotheque: The theme for this year’s disco is ‘Famous’. Costume up as something or someone famous.

PreK – K     – Wednesday 23 September
Year 1 - 6   – Friday 25 September


Book Week Celebration will be on Friday, 16 October. Preparations are underway for us to host this as a ‘Teams Live Event’ so that parents can be a part of the parade by viewing from their device of choice! This year’s theme is “Wild Creatures and Curious Minds”. (see separate article).


We trust you are staying well, and growing in strength and connection during these times of difference. We often aren’t aware of how resilient we have become until we get to the flipside of a challenge. Please let us know if you have any ideas for how, as families, we can connect and engage with each other. 

Nature is once again revealing to us how to ‘S’pring to life after the season of Winter. 

Be glorious.

Andy Gordon, Deputy Principal, Head of Junior School


All staff are encouraged to ‘Shout Out’ to a student who has demonstrated a Learner Profile Attribute, PYP Attitude or Character Strength throughout each fortnight.  


Shout outs 


PKDM – Amy Keeling for being such a wonderful thinker... we love the way that you keep thinking of new ideas. 

PKNS – Zoe Tabisz for taking action and sharing and explaining her sock puppet that she created at home with the class.  

PKBD – Riley Barton for taking action and communicating with the class about his sand sculpture and the ideas he was trying to express. 

PKMQ – Lachlan Mitchell – for being a risk taker and trying a variety of foods at morning tea. 

KKS - Rykaa Ramkumar for being a thinker by using strategies to improve her reading and communicating effectively in her reading group. 

KSG – Archie Moss for displaying perseverance and commitment to all areas of his learning 

KLP – Mickey Costanzo for being a risk taker and displaying commitment with reading and writing tasks. 

KAS – Ellie Cui for demonstrating excellent communication skills and being well prepared to share her knowledge about science around the home.  

Year 1 

1MH – Ashton Brede Being committed to improving his writing and showing balance between speed and accuracy.  

1RJ – Alexa Kardaris for showing appreciation of beauty and excellence by creating a peaceful mindfulness calm space to enjoy the nature around her. 

1AJ – Matisse Abraham for using her reflective skills and a growth mindset to improve her work, especially when writing. 

1HT – Rajeev Elda for working hard to record detailed instructions when writing his procedure on how to make bread 

Year 2 

2KH – Abby Chan for displaying creativity and being a thinker when creating her design. 

2SD – Shivani Sundar for being a thinker and a communicator in Maths by applying her knowledge of 3D objects to the world around her. 

2GS – Harmony Summerell for showing her communication skills and the character strength of appreciation of beauty and excellence when writing about Gossan Hill. 

2LM – Frankie Moss for consistently reflecting on her learning and developing skills in ‘bumping up’ work. 

Year 3 

3AT – Sophie Henry for improved concentration in learning and her consistent caring attitude. 

3JC – Pat Maundrell for his persistence and focus during class time, demonstrating his deep thinking and desire to learn. 

And Eliza Herra for her commitment to her work and her learning, displaying growth throughout all she attempts. 

3RS – Grace Wang for her commitment and dedication to completing every task to the best of her ability.  

Joshua Lu for being reflective and open minded during our Sharing the Planet unit and taking action.  

3HO – Ishan Saini for taking time to reflect on the character strength of appreciation of beauty and excellence when sketching on Gossan Hill. 

3RB – Elieen Shu – for demonstrating a deep appreciation and love for her family and home, when writing her Sharing The Planet reflections. 

Isabelle Merenda- for demonstrating appreciation of her family and education, and generosity towards others less fortunate during our Sharing The Planet unit of inquiry.  

Year 4 

4TM – Nathan Russell for his enthusiastic and caring nature, especially the kindness he shows with greeting and wishing others well. 

4JC – Justin Zhang for the kindness and empathy he shows class members 

4KP -  Hugo Uren for being a risk taker and demonstrating increased independence with his learning. 

4BF – Lara Madsen for being a caring and loyal friend who looks out for other people. 

4DO – Isla Baran for her diligence in class and displaying growth in class discussions. 

Year 5 

5DG – Heidi Phan – For consistently having neat and well-presented book work, which shows she strives for excellence. 

5RK – Matthew Song & Yash Bhole for always volunteering their time to clean and tidy the classroom so that it is ready for the next school day. Your cleaning efforts are invaluable. The entire 5RK class sincerely thanks you! 

5BL – Tilly Firth for demonstrating an appreciation of beauty and excellence in her regular use of detailed descriptive language in her writing, and her extensive engagement with quality literature. 

5SW – Jeevaa Palaniyappa for striving for excellence in his work, especially in our How We Organise Ourselves summative task 

Year 6 

6TW – Ellie Chapman for showing great self-management skills and zest in her approach to tuning in during Exhibition. 

6JO – Kamae Rajen for demonstrating enthusiasm and commitment to her group during Exhibition. 

6HB – Eva Graham for her enthusiasm and zest towards Exhibition experiences. 

6TF – Eliza Muscat: For her excellent work with her exhibition journal 



Seamus Palfreman (3JC) for consistently showing focus and determination in String lessons. 

Chloe Ji (4JC) for her positive approach towards PE, always giving her best and persevering even when she find skills challenging. (Mrs Phelps) 

Xavier McDonald (3AT) for consistently showing kindness and appreciation for others during library lessons. (Mrs Hind) 

Ethan Yang (2LM) for detailed research about forces during his library lesson (Mrs Wilson) 

Luis Dal Bon (3AT)and Neha Manne (4BF) for motivation and independent work in Spanish 

Isabelle Merenda (3RB) for showing initiative and perseverance when working out new music on the cello. 

Kiana Huynh (1RJ) and Elijah Nicol-Drummond (2KH) for displaying commitment to learning and perseverance in completing all set tasks in Wellbeing. 

Isaac Waldren (5BL) for his positive attitude towards PE and enthusiastic approach to new challenges. (Mr Cox) 

Vicki Yang in 3AT for her detailed use of art elements to create her moon and Deep Blue paintings (Ms Dunne) 



Hugo Uren for showing commitment to improving his reading skills. (Mrs Willett) 


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