"Leave the road… take the trails" - Pythagoras

Some wonderful outdoor experiences on Year 3 and Year 5 camps

Some wonderful outdoor experiences on Year 3 and Year 5 camps

By Tracey Markovic, Assistant Head of Junior School (Operations)

Tracey Markovic, Assistant Head of Junior School (Operations)

Our Year 3 and Year 5 camps set the foundation for an exciting sequence of programs that run through both our Junior and Secondary School. For a long time, it was a matter of ‘touch and go’ and ‘wait and see’ as to whether these camps would be able to go ahead. When the decision was made that they could, both students and staff were elated. Although the format may have changed slightly, everyone’s enthusiasm had not. The changes to this year’s arrangements meant all students would participate in ‘Day Camp’. Students would now be bussed to camp locations early each morning and return later each afternoon. The overnight tent and cabin sleepovers may have gone, but each year level experienced two action-packed, challenge-filled days working together as teams and making new friends.

Year 5 Camp – Outward Bound, Tharwa
There was no doubt that excitement was in the air on Tuesday morning. The first camp of the year was almost ready to depart. By 6.45am our Year 5 campers started to gather outside the RA Young Hall waiting patiently for their teachers and peers to arrive. The buses were in the Pick & Go bay ready for boarding so they could make their way out to Outward Bound. 

It was there that our Year 5 students spent two full days experiencing all that camp had to offer. From the giant swing to the climbing tower, and from mountain biking to the bush craft, there was something for everyone.  

Year 5 reflections
I think that camp was good as it was great to push yourself out of your comfort zone. – Olivia
Camp is a good thing because you get to try new activities you have never done before. – Arav
I think camp is a good experience so you can experience working as a team with no other help.–  Heidi
Camp was really good as you learn different things that you probably wouldn’t learn anywhere else and you learn important life lessons. – Izzy   

Year 5 Camp 2020 

Year 3 Camp – Camp Cottermouth, Cotter
Our Year 3 Camp saw 123 students head out to Camp Cottermouth, bright and early Thursday morning. Year 3 Camp focuses on students taking personal responsibility, developing co-operation, communication skills as well as team-building skills.

Students experienced a wide range of activities that included mountain biking, bush skills, discovery trails and environmental education activities. They worked in teams to build catapults, and everyone had the opportunity to make their own damper on the campfire. The Trangia was set up and hot chocolate and marshmallows topped off the camp experience.

Year 3 reflection
Camp nearly taught me how to get off my training wheels like Beau and Dora. Making the catapult was fun. My ball went super far.  - Michael

I really, really likes the bikes because they were fun. My friends Brooke and Siyara helped me ride a bike. They helped me to feel confident. -  Sascha

My favourite thing about camo was the mountain biking. I loved how we raced around the road. I loved making damper. It took patience but the hard work paid off.  -  Jimmy

My favourite part of camp was building a shelter for a small teddy bear named Whinny. I loved getting the bark and I working with my friends to build it together. - Sanvi

Year 3 Camp 2020

Thank you
As we all know – events such as camp do not ‘just happen’. A huge amount of work goes on behind the scenes to ensure all students have a wonderful experience.  An enormous thank you to all of our staff, OEG staff and George Huitker, and our Year 9 & 10 Service students who accompanied students on our 2020 camps. It is only with the support with each and every one of them that these events are so successful.


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