Log out. Turn off. Switch on.

A wonderful view of Hedley Tarn

A wonderful view of Hedley Tarn

By Sue Hassall, Duke of Edinburgh Award Coordinator

Did screens dominate your children’s time in the holidays?  Were they online far too much? 

On top of Mount KosciuszkoDr Richard Harris and Dr Craig Challen, the 2019 joint Australians of the Year, hope they can inspire others, especially children, about the rewards of outdoor adventuring and how it broadens perspective. “As an adventurer, I would like to try and inspire kids to get outside”, Dr Harris said, “helicopter parenting’s become a thing but we all need to just relax a little bit I think and take a step back and find a balance that we’ve lost, as kids need to find their inner explorer”. (The Canberra Times) 

Radford College is already striving to achieve this goal with our extensive whole school Outdoor Education Program. Additionally, in January, nine year 12 students navigated their way through the high country in Kosciuszko National Park to complete their four-day Gold Duke of Edinburgh ‘training Adventurous Journey’. 

Dawn, unpluggedThey planned, carried and cooked their food and located water. They managed comfortably in extremes of weather and learnt about breaking goals into small achievable sections. Working as a team, they navigated accurately and learnt about the landscape and vegetation which allowed for wise decisions about the most energy efficient routes to choose. These students now have the skills to plan their ‘qualifying Adventurous Journey’ and move towards finishing their Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award. 

Log out from the screens. Turn off the devices. Switch on. Encourage your children to undertake their Duke of Edinburgh Award - 2019 is the time to find their ‘inner explorer’.

Snow in January

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