Model United Nations

Some of the Radford 2021 Model United Nations conference participants

Some of the Radford 2021 Model United Nations conference participants

By Roshan Kewalram & Ruby Archer, Year 11 Global Politics students 

On the evenings of 26 and 27 March, a group of twelve Radford students participated in the King's Academy Model United Nations Conference. King’s Academy is an independent, Round Square member school in Jordan. There were over 200 local and international delegates, including 55 delegates from schools in Australia, India, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. Radford participants were Annabelle Smith, Ben Charlton, James Charlton, Imogen Eynon-Cooke, Scarlett Slater, Helena Nutt, Yasmin Surman-Schmidt, Athena Staughton, Ruby Archer, Roshan Kewalram, Andre Satana Barberato, and Neve Maguire.  

After being assigned various roles and countries to represent, we undertook debates regarding important social issues affecting ‘our’ global community. The goal of the conference was to construct, amend and vote on resolutions which, if successful, were sent to both the United Nations and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. The conference nights were a mixture of formulating solutions to world problems, then debating these solutions, while representing your position or country. It was really enjoyable to discuss and debate new and foreign issues, whilst considering different perspectives. Along with debate, we also had time to get to know students from Jordan and around the world, which provided us with amazing new perspectives and insights.  

Regardless of our level of experience with Model United Nations, everybody had a meaningful time and took away something valuable. We developed confidence, teamwork, critical thinking, and even perseverance through conference times until 1 AM, due to time zones. This opportunity should not be missed and is recommended to anybody interested. You do not need any experience, just a willingness to try something new.  

Postscript: Roshan Kewalram was recognised with an ‘honourable mention’ for his contribution.


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