Moderation Day, Thursday 8 August

Radford College Crest

Radford College Crest

Moderation Day, held twice a year, involves teachers from all ACT Secondary Colleges meeting to discuss and evaluate work samples for Year 11 and 12 students from the previous semester.


  • Please note, as per the College calendar, this is a pupil-free day for students in
    Years 7–11;
  • Students in Year 12 are required to attend the College on Moderation Day (Thursday 8 August) for an AST Practice test. Students have been advised of arrangements for this day; and
  • Students in Y10 & Y11 are encouraged to attend the Careers Expo at Exhibition Park in Canberra on Wednesday between 5.00pm to 7.00pm or  between 9.15am to 2.30pm on Thursday.


Classes will run as usual on Moderation Day for Junior School students; however, parents are asked to please note:

  • Unless otherwise notified, co-curricular activities will continue as usual on Moderation Day. 
  • The Secondary School library will be closed all day so will not be available to students in Year 5-6 during the day or after school.
  • The canteen will be available to students in Years 5-6 and in the Junior School.
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