Music Awards 2019

Photo credit: Alan Lee, Evening of Fine Music, 2019

Photo credit: Alan Lee, Evening of Fine Music, 2019

By Kirsten Knight, Head of Co-curricular Music 

Our wonderful music students have worked hard throughout this year and the quality of their performances has reflected this. Whether Concert Bands, Choirs, String Orchestras, Guitar Ensembles, Rock/Pop or Jazz Bands, Big Bands, Percussion or String Ensembles, Piano Groups, or Audio Production, our students have been part of exciting concerts, Eisteddfods and other events this year. 

At this point in the year I want to congratulate all of the students involved in our music groups and thank them for their important contribution to the Radford community. 

Improvement, Contribution and Excellence Awards
Some individual students have been singled out by their conductors and directors to be acknowledged for their particular strengths and contributions to their groups. The following students have been given ICE Awards for Improvement, Contribution or Excellence within their particular group. 

Concert Bands 

Beginner Instrumental Program

            George Birmingham - Contribution

            Hannah Rankin - Excellence

            Finley Rosengren - Improvement


Sousa Concert Band

            Bonnie Hardy - Contribution

            Max Zhou-Smith - Excellence


Gershwin Concert Band

            Ellie Archer - Contribution

            May Flanagan - Excellence

            Lyam Boyce - Improvement


Holst Concert Band

            Miranda Young - Contribution

            Emily Gates - Excellence

            Rohan Wilson - Improvement


Bernstein Symphonic Wind Orchestra

            Maddison Scott - Contribution

            James Thirkell - Contribution

            Olivia Young - Excellence




            Tianchen Wei - Contribution

            Siyara Malhinge - Excellence

            Xavier McDonald - Improvement



            Sarah Dias - Contribution

            Ella Huang - Excellence



            Nadia Yao - Contribution



            Amira Hibberd - Excellence



            Patrick Knight - Contribution

            Louisa Smith - Contribution

            Annabelle Smith - Excellence

            Luiza Luppi - Improvement



            Kellie Gordon - Contribution

            Michael Troy - Excellence

            Joshua Daffern - Excellence


String Orchestras


Mozart String Orchestra

            Peter Gordiev - Contribution

            Ava O’Shea - Excellence

            Lucinda Harrison - Improvement


Haydn String Orchestra

            Audrey Fillingham - Contribution

            Ethan Shen - Excellence


Vivaldi String Orchestra

            Kamae Rajen - Contribution

            Amelie Smith - Excellence


Elgar String Orchestra

            Nadia Yao - Excellence

            Brian Chen - Improvement


Corelli Chamber String Orchestra

            Jessica Ward - Excellence

            Sarah Zhu - Excellence

            Anneke Van Der Vyver - Improvement


Jazz Ensembles


Big Band

            Daniel Majchrzak - Contribution

            Finn Clarke - Improvement


Little Big Band

            Rohan Wilson - Contribution

            Harvey Hazlehurst - Excellence


Bird Jazz Ensemble

            Liam Van Der Vyver - Excellence


Guitar Ensembles


Blues Juniors

            Aarav Kochhar - Excellence


Hendrix Guitar Ensemble

            Will Harrison - Improvement


Montgomery Guitar Ensemble

            Jordan Scholfield




Rock/Pop Ensembles

            Jesse Wright - Excellence

            Ben Ni - Excellence

            Chelsea Allen - Improvement


Cross Rhythm Percussion Ensemble

            Owen Toyne - Contribution


Precision Percussion Ensemble

            Ethan Robards - Contribution


String Ensembles

            Monahan Hazlehurst - Contribution




Junior School Piano Performers

            Emilie Gautama - Contribution


Piano Accompaniment

            Iris Bian - Contribution


Congratulations to all of these students.



Our Music Service Awards are awarded to students in Years 10 and 12 who have given exceptional service to the Music Department over a number of years. These students participate in multiple music groups and often assist with younger groups as well. 

Our Service Award recipients are as follows: 

Year 10

Ethan Robards

Isobel Sambridge

David Stocks

Jamie Perceval

Cameron Pike

Beth Armstrong

Courtney Jacopino


Year 12

Stephanie Coram

Emily Gates

David Lafferty

Patrick Leerdam

Maddison Scott

James Thirkell

Olivia Young

Joshua Daffern

Natasha Erb

Jessica Ward

Daniel Majchrzak

Thank you to all these students for their enormous contribution to the Music Department. 

While I am thanking the students who contribute so much to our department, I must make mention of our amazing Music Captains. These students work behind the scenes at every concert and event we put on and provide positive guidance and inspiration to our younger musicians. Thank you to our 2019 Music Captains! 

David Lafferty

Patrick Leerdam

James Thirkell

Natasha Erb

Jessica Ward

Maddison Scott

Sophie Genn

Stephanie Coram

Joshua Daffern

Well done to all of our music students for a terrific year of music-making. Thank you to all the Radford families and staff who have attended our events to support our musicians.

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