Parent Passwords Update

Password changes will enhance cyber security at Radford

Password changes will enhance cyber security at Radford

In an ongoing effort to enhance cyber security at Radford College, the IT Department has introduced changes to the password policy that will impact all parent and caregiver accounts, e.g. Radford Online, SEQTA, etc.

When you next change your password, you will need to ensure it: 

1. is at least 13 characters
2. is not a single dictionary word (but it can be multiple words joined together)
3. cannot exist within a database of known weak or breached passwords.
4. cannot contain part of your usernames, given names or surnames

How to generate a strong password
There are many ways to generate a strong password. Here are two:

1. Join three or more dictionary words together to make a password of more than 13 characters. For example. “FreeUnmatchedPixel12”

2. Passphrases: you might like to use a passphrase generated out of a song or book title.
E.g. “The Beatles 1968 We All Live in a Yellow Submarine” would become “Tb1968WaLiAYSub”
Your passphrase should be meaningful to you (and possibly relevant to the account) but not easy for others to guess.

If you need help generating a password, Radford IT highly recommends this site:

You can test the strength of your password here:

You can see if your password is a known weak or breached password at this website

Setting up your Self-Service Password Reset
Please ensure that you have setup your Self-Service Password Reset authentication contact information, and the information is up-to-date.

Click here to check:

Using Self-Service Password Reset to reset a forgotten password
If you can’t remember your password you can choose the “Can’t access your account” link at the sign-in screen on ROL

Otherwise you can visit:

If you have any questions, please email the IT Helpdesk -

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