Principal's Message - 25 March

Fiona Godfrey, Principal

Fiona Godfrey, Principal

Please watch this video from Principal Fiona Godfrey or read the summary of points below.

Summary of Video Message

Online lessons
Staff have spent a considerable amount of time upskilling themselves this week to be in a position to move to online lessons. Our staff are fully committed to providing the best possible experience for our students.

From Friday this week – 27 March 2020, all lessons will be available for students online.

Junior School
Teachers will touch base with their students each morning and will outline the work that they will be doing. They will then upload to SWAY the activities and the work that students will be expected to complete during the day.

Secondary School
• In the main, staff will be presenting online, in-time lessons.
• Students will follow the normal timetable as if they were in school.
•  May not be possible for all staff given personal circumstances. Students will be advised by their teachers if the work is in time or pre-recorded.
•  Students will have work for every lesson they would normally have in a single day.

During this transition, I would ask parents and students to be patient.

These arrangements are happening across the College. All arrangements are until the end of this term. We will be in a position to provide online classes should this situation continue into Term 2.

For students in Years Pre K–10, we are awaiting guidance from the authorities as to what we will be required to do to record students' absence or attendance. The BSSS has already infomed us that we will be monitoring Years 11 and 12 students' engagement online to monitor attendance. At this stage, no student will be required to repeat this school year.

In the coming days, the Board and the College Executive will be discussing options the College may have regarding fees for parents who are suffering financial hardship. In the meantime, if you have an queries regarding fees, please email our Chief Operating Officer Mr David Perceval. These are difficult times. Please be patient.

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