Principal's Message - 27 March

Fiona Godfrey, Principal

Fiona Godfrey, Principal

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

I write to give you a further update on issues as they relate to our move to online learning and school operations.

Over the course of the past four days, all the staff have worked incredibly hard to roll out a new paradigm in teaching and learning. The transition has been swift, and the staff have shown great determination to make this successful for every Radford student. I am proud of the way the teachers have adapted to this new approach to teaching.

Today I watched a number of the teachers in the Secondary School delivering their lessons in real time for the first time. The engagement by the students was very encouraging and bodes well for good teaching and learning to continue whilst we are dealing with this COVID-19 issue.

With the set up of our online learning, there have been some heavy demands on teachers. They have had to modify curriculum and assessments, prepare new work, deliver lessons, communicate with parents (sometimes multiple times a day) and provide feedback on work completed. I ask parents to be mindful of these demands and be patient, particularly in these early days.

This morning I informed all staff that from close of business on Monday, the majority of staff are to be working from home. I see this as a proactive means of containing the virus. However, there will still be a number of staff here on campus up to the end of Term 1 supervising those children in the learning hubs, as well as IT and Maintenance staff.

The Out of School Hours Care program will also continue, and we ask parents to book in the usual manner. At this stage, we still intend to run a Holiday Program during the Term 1 vacation. If parents have previously booked and now don’t intend to use the service, I ask you to remove your child/ren’s name from the booking before Friday 3 April to avoid penalty.

Please be aware that we have set up a dedicated COVID-19 Updates section on the website which includes previous messages, online learning guides for both the Junior and Secondary School, BSSS and IB information for senior students and resources for families to use during this crisis.

As mentioned in our initial response to the Covid 19 Pandemic, all face-to-face Parent-Teacher-Student interviews have been cancelled. In the Secondary School, given that we have moved to online learning since interim reports were released, we will ask teachers to be proactive in contacting families about any concerns with student learning from the start of next term. That will provide time for teachers and students to become familiar with the change in lesson delivery and for current or ongoing concerns to be identified.

In the Junior School, we are conscious of the many demands being placed on the staff and families during this unusual period and have given some consideration to the best timing for Parent Teacher Check Ins. We now feel it would be prudent to focus on remote learning between now and the end of term, and to hold these conversations over until Term 2. Further information about these conversations will be forthcoming soon.

Once again, I thank parents for their patience and support in these trying times. Whilst we are unaware of how long it will take; we do know that we will come out of this unprecedented event eventually. In the meantime, let’s all ‘hang in’ there together.

Kind regards


Fiona Godfrey

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