Principal's Message - 7 May

Fiona Godfrey, Principal

Fiona Godfrey, Principal

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

I am writing to provide you with additional information about Radford College’s preparedness to resume face-to-face teaching from Monday, 11 May.

Over recent days, the College’s management teams have been putting in place policies and procedures for staff, students and parents which outline expectations relating to safety, hygiene, conduct, and teaching and learning. These documents have been prepared to inform all parties of the safety measures that have been put in place, the requirements of staff and students in and outside of the classroom, and most importantly, the hygiene procedures to be adhered to over the course of the school day.

Below this letter are links to three documents which I encourage parents to read over the coming days. The first one, Covid-19 Policy:  Return to Face-to-Face Teaching, outlines the College’s policies and procedures from next Monday. The second and third documents, Current Principles of Community Safety FOR PARENTS AND CAREGIVERS and Current Principles of Community Safety FOR STUDENTS are less detailed documents in poster format, highlighting the most important safety issues. We will be distributing the students' poster, and a similar poster to staff, as well as placing them around the school.

Return to school
Feedback indicates that most students will be returning to face-to-face teaching from Monday. However, we know there are some students who cannot attend at this stage for a variety of reasons.

Junior School
Students in the Junior School who are in this category will be provided with a modified version of online learning from their classroom teacher. However, in order to provide full duty of care for their students in the classroom, Junior School teachers will not be available to answer emails from students or parents at home, while teaching face-to-face.

Secondary School - Years 7 to 10
In the Secondary School, students whether working from home or at school, will continue to be able to access SEQTA for all lesson details. Each Yr 7 – 10 lesson will start with a Microsoft Teams meeting. The Teams meetings will be used to greet all students and ensure they know what they are meant to be doing in the lesson. The SEQTA lesson notes will indicate to students at home whether the Teams meeting will be for some of the lesson or all of the lesson. All Teams meetings will be recorded. Work set for completion at home will be purposeful and meaningful. These arrangements will be reviewed before the end of the first fortnight.

Secondary School - Years 11 and 12
There will be some Yr 11 and 12 students who will be unable to attend face-to-face classes due to health reasons. For this reason, classroom lessons that these students would normally attend will be broadcast and recorded through Microsoft Teams to ensure all students have access to all lessons. The Years 11 and 12 students will be following a modified end-of-semester timetable, including changes to the traditional examination period. The details have been communicated to students and can be found on the COVID-19 Page on Radford Online.

With the resumption of face-to-face teaching, we are now beginning to consider and plan for the possible return of co-curricular activities. Obviously, any sort of recommencement will depend on a number of factors including approval and guidelines from government and the governing bodies of these activities. As with the resumption of face-to-face teaching, safety for our students, staff and the wider community needs to inform our decision making at every stage. A ‘road map’ for the resumption of co-curricular activities is currently being developed and we will release this to parents and caregivers once we are confident we can move forward.

Junior school pick-up arrangements
Last term, when we were forced to withdraw all co-curricular activities, there was a notable increase in traffic at the end of the school day in the Junior School. Given that most co-curricular activities will not resume in the first week back, we recommend to Junior School parents to adjust their pick-up times in the afternoon, bearing in mind that staff are on duty in the ‘pick and go’ area until 3.45 pm.
• ELC: Could ELC-only parents, and those with an ELC child who has a sibling in the Junior School, please endeavour to collect their children at 3.00 pm, with a view to all of these ELC-only and Junior School parents, being out of the carpark by 3.20 pm. Junior School siblings of ELC students will be escorted to the ‘pick and go’ area at 3 pm.
• Kindergarten and above: could parents of K+ students please try to avoid arriving early to the campus (i.e. prior to 3.20 pm). Staff will be onsite as usual to facilitate collection of your child/ren from 3.20 pm onwards.

Uniform shop
The uniform shop has been well patronised this week, after the confirmation that students would soon be returning. In order to assist families, the shop will remain open for appointments until 5:00 pm this Friday and 4:30 pm next Monday.

Finally, from the many emails I have received over the past few days, I know that the bulk of our students are very excited about the prospect of returning to school. I also understand that the first thing many of them will instinctively want to do is hug their friends. Can I ask all parents to please gently remind your children over the coming days to physically distance themselves from their friends, from the start of Monday, regardless of their enthusiasm.

Kind regards,


Fiona Godfrey


Covid-19 Policy:  Return to Face-to-Face Teaching

Current Principles of Community Safety FOR PARENTS AND CAREGIVERS

Current Principles of Community Safety FOR STUDENTS

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