Projects supported by RTC

RTC supports a range of national and international projects

RTC supports a range of national and international projects

From: Melinda Hamilton, RTC Coordinator


How has the RTC helped classes take action this year?
Where did the Radford Reaches Out Junior School money go?


  • We have continued to support our 3 sponsor children with Compassion. The $1,720 allows Jose, Antia and Althia to go to school, have medical treatment and eat healthy meals for a whole year. 

  • We bought a school in a box for $300 from Unicef. This kit contains supplies like books, pencils, erasers, scissors, wind up solar radio and a chalkboard. The kit will help kids continue learning despite challenges with COVID-19 this year. 

  • After the devastating bushfires effected so many koala habitats early this year we wanted to adopt two koalas from the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital. We donated $132.50 which will help to care for injured koalas who lost their homes. 

    Koala Hospital
  • Some year levels have learnt about the devastating impact that palm oil production is having on orangutan habitats. To help, we have donated $200 to the Orangutan project which will help secure more habitats for these animals. 

  • The Mercy Ships is an organisation that takes a hospital on board a boat to developing countries to help people who don’t have access to medical treatment. We gave $200 to help people get the health care they need. 

    Mercy ships
  • Water Aid is an organisation helping provide clean water to communities without it. We gave $185 to help provide education to build low cost hand washing stations which is really important to stop the spread of COVID-19, especially in less fortunate countries. 

    Water Aid
  • The RTC is very passionate about reducing our impact on the environment and wanted to help protect the oceans around Australia. We gave $200 to the Australian Marine conservation society to help with this. 

    Marine conservation
  • Finally the RTC gave $150 to Landcare Australia to support with the Bushfire and natural disaster recovery, particularly after the terrible fires experienced near Canberra over Christmas.

What an excellent collection of organisations that we were able to support with your help this year!

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