Radford Online User Guide

Radford Online home page

Radford Online home page

How to use Radford Online (to download a PDF of this guide click here)

Returning parents – you should already know your Radford Online username – a four or five-digit number followed by @radford.act.edu.au.

New parents – you received your login details, including the four or five-digit number followed by @radford.act.edu.au in your child/ren’s confirmation of enrolment letter.

If you do not know your username, please ring Main Reception on 6162 6200.

If you have not yet made use of the password reset function, your password will be the one automatically generated by the College’s IT Department and already provided to you. Refer to this guide on how to reset your password or click on the reset URL

Once you have successfully logged in to Radford Online, it is important for you to review and update your family details, especially medical information for your child/ren.

1. Click on the tile on the left-hand side of the page that says “Check and update your family information for 2019” (see screenshot above).

2. You will be taken to another page to log in again using the same username and password you used to login to ROL. (see following screenshot).

(Points 3-6 below are illustrated by the screenshot below).  

3. You should now be logged in to the "Intro" tab of your family page in Synergetic, the College database. Next to it are the tabs for “Finance” (your College student account) “Interviews” (booking an interview with your child/ren’s teacher or tutor during designated weeks) and “My Details” updating family member details.

4. Below these tabs is a maroon drop-down menu with the names of each parent / caregiver and the child/ren attending Radford College. Below that is a menu with gold-coloured tabs with categories including “Personal”, “Medical’ and “Immunisations & HealthCare”.

5. Click onto the category you want to edit and then click the word “Edit” (right-hand side of the page).

6. It is especially important to update the “Medical’’ category and confirm that the information in the “Immunisations & HealthCare” category is correct. You should also check that parent / caregiver contact details in the "Personal" category are current. 

7. To access your child/ren's Timetables and Course Information (Secondary School), click on the grey SEQTA tile on your Radford Online dashboard. You will be taken to the SEQTA Engage platform dashboard (see screenshot below). You will also use SEQTA Engage to access your child/ren's Semester 1 and Semester 2 school reports later in the year. 




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