Radford Reporters investigate Canva hack

Tim Ly (Year 9), Hannah Hosick and Eve Truswell (Year 7) with IT staff Chernor Bah and David Burcher

Tim Ly (Year 9), Hannah Hosick and Eve Truswell (Year 7) with IT staff Chernor Bah and David Burcher

The Radford Reporters recently interviewed Radford’s IT Operations Manager Carl Flanagan about hackers attacking the design template platform Canva and its impact on some Radford students and staff.

By Eve Truswell, Hannah Hosick, Tim Ly and Sermud Syed
In late May this year, the popular online graphic design platform, Canva, was hacked. Over 137 million users worldwide were affected by this breach. Of these, 700 accounts were within the Radford College community. This resulted in a number of students and staff having their Radford account passwords changed. Most people accepted this and moved on, maybe a little frustrated that they had to change their password.  Staff and students were advised that it was due to the Canva hack, but this article will hopefully explain in more detail what happened and why they had to change their College account password.

The attack occurred when a group of hackers gained access to Canva’s servers and were able to take some basic information. This included user names, IP addresses and most importantly, account passwords. So, how does this affect Radford? Simply, if any students and staff had put in the same password for Canva as they had for their school account, it could have allowed the hackers to gain information about these individuals.

Radford’s IT Department was very quick and efficient with their solution, changing the Radford account passwords for the students and staff affected by the Canva hack. At the same time, they implemented a new password protocol, making the passwords longer and harder to hack. The information taken by Canva, while limited, could lead to the compromise of Radford accounts, hence the need to update passwords.

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