RAS Charity Fundraiser – final week

Final week to support RAS Charity Fundraiser 2019

Final week to support RAS Charity Fundraiser 2019

Supporting RAS in 2019

At last week's assembly, Year 12 student Lauren Nicholson delivered a rousing speech in support of this year's RAS Charity Fundraiser. See full speech below.

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Learn more about the RAS Charity Fundraiser and this year's recipients here.



By Lauren Nicholson, Year 12 student

Every year, at roughly the same time, Radford holds the annual RAS Charity Fundraiser. This, for most of you, is not something new. It is our one opportunity to collectively fundraise as a school and support a wide breadth of both local and national charity organisations. Organisations whose work is deeply profound in supporting and fundamentally altering the lives of those most vulnerable within our community, for the better.

The impact of our donations are far beyond measure, supporting organisations which do invaluable work for those most in need, but each are ultimately dependent on fundraising like ours, in order to function.

Raw Potential is just one of the myriad charities the RAS Fundraiser supports. Raw Potential is a Canberra based, not‑for‑profit program that strives to assist young people within the ACT that have been dealt a raw deal in life. Be it through family breakdown, violence, homelessness or substance abuse, since 1986, Raw Potential has offered immediate support, positively changing the lives of such children by connecting them with legal advice, healthcare, rehabilitation, and housing.

But having sat in your seats, I agree, it’s difficult to care. It is difficult to be bothered. And why should you? Until your life has been shaken by illness or family struggle, until you have walked alongside a BMS student, travelled to Gamilaraay country or abroad to Timor Leste, until you are able to empathise with, and put a face to the statistics of disproportionate disadvantage we so often hear, it is hard to care. And it is jointly as difficult to appreciate the amazing impact that such organisations truly have.

But to put these words into numbers, (and for those of you who know me know I am not the most fabulous at maths), I have brought my $200 CAS Calculator that I used for one semester in Year 11 Apps to help me out.

So, if Radford has roughly 2000 students, and everyone brought in just $2 dollars, then, we would have $4000 dollars raised—amazing. Or, if everyone brought in $15 dollars—maybe skipped out on that $4-dollar pie or boycotted the new action buses regime—then we would have $30,000 dollars. 

But, if we all worked hard, asked granny nicely, maybe harassed your neighbours or even Jenny from the block and brought in $30 dollars each, collectively we would raise $60,000. That is an enormous amount of money that would do so much towards supporting organisations which many of us have been touched by, including the Cancer Counsel, BMS, Ozharvest, Pegasus, L’arche and more.

So, with just over two weeks left, be bothered. Anything is better than nothing, and every bit counts. Thank you.

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