Reminder re: On-Line In-Time Reporting

Bill Weigall, Assistant Principal - Curriculum, Assessment & Reporting

Bill Weigall, Assistant Principal - Curriculum, Assessment & Reporting

Having spoken with many parents during the recent parent-teacher-student interviews, it would seem that a number of you might appreciate the link to my Bulletin article written ahead of the interviews about On-Line, In-Time (or continuous) reporting for Years 7–10.

As the article stated, teachers will provide feedback on each assessment task and students are asked to complete online reflections on their performance and the feedback provided, ensuring that the feedback is processed and a plan for improvement crystallised. To access this data please open SEQTA – either via Radford Online or through the SEQTA ENGAGE App (instructions sent with a recent email) - and look for the notifications icon.

• On a computer desktop, the notifications icon appears as a golden bell in the top right-hand side of the page with the number of notifications superimposed on it.

• On the app, the number of notifications appears on the app icon as well as on the orange bell in the top right-hand side of the screen, once you open the app.

Alternatively, you can click on Assessments in the drop-down menu on the left and then choose a subject. You will see a list of upcoming assessments by date at the top of the screen with marked items appearing below that. Please read and follow the short instructions on the screen. For clarity the component parts of the assessment task will appear as separate bar graphs indicating relative strengths and weaknesses. Staff have been asked to provide one overarching comment which will appear below on of the bar graphs. Student reflections will be visible there too.

At the end of semester, the overview of performance will still be published but without the retrospective commentary by subject. As ever, we will review the efficacy of this model of reporting and welcome your feedback. You can reach me at

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