Review of Book Week 2020

Junior School Library staff rose to the costume challenge!

Junior School Library staff rose to the costume challenge!

What a week we had! With Readers’ Cup last Thursday, and our annual Character Dress Up Parade last Friday, we had a wonderful Book Week.

Book Week was postponed nationally, from August until October. We were excited that after having so many events cancelled in 2020, our celebrations were able to continue.  Our celebrations included our Character Dress Up Parade last Friday. COVID-19 restrictions meant we were unable to gather as a Junior School community, and while we missed our parent involvement terribly, a live-screening eased that somewhat. We held four parades, with two year levels gathering each time. Over the four separate parades, we had over 300 parent views. We thank you for your support, and we hope you felt the positive vibe from your viewing position.

We saw a huge array of book characters, demonstrating the wide range of books that our Radford students love to read. From our traditional characters such as Alice in Wonderland; Three Blind Mice; Three Little Pigs, their mother and the wolf; and Little Red Riding Hood, to more complex such as Stanley in Holes, Molly from Brimstone and the Year 5 staff making the belt of the Deltora gemstones, we showed the diversity in our reading. Of course, we had many Where’s Wally friends, Harry Potters, Islas, Elsas and superheroes to make it a very fun event. We loved seeing the creativity and the passion that everyone put in. Thank you, families, for the effort and support you gave your little people.

Book Week 2020 Fiona Godfrey, as Glinda the Good Witch

Book Week 2020


As usual, our staff put in a huge effort, dressing up as Buckets full of Kindness, the characters from Wizard of Oz, Charlotte’s Web and Where the Wild Things Are, just to name a few. We love their ongoing support and are very grateful for the wonderful team environment that exists.

Readers’ Cup, held for the first time ever in the ACT, was held last Thursday. Falling on the same day as the Cross Country, it made for a busy few days.

Readers’ Cup is an inter-school competition, with teams of 4/5 students reading five set texts. This challenges the students to read beyond their comfort zone and to read texts prescribed for them. Teams then answer quiz questions about the five books. The questions are extremely detailed and require the students to have an excellent comprehension and understanding of the texts.

We are delighted to announce that Radford Team #1 came third, against 12 teams in the competition. The students who participated for Radford are listed below. Team #1 is pictured below, receiving their prizes.

Radford Team 1 - Readers' Cup

Radford Team #1

Radford Team #2

Radford Team #3
















Book Week is also about announcing the winners of the best Australian books for 2020. This honour is hotly contested and always a great source of discussion. Please find the link here. It makes a great starting point for Christmas book suggestions.

Thank you to everyone for their support and we look forward to gathering again in 2021 as a community.



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