SchoolTV: "school refusal"

Watch the SchoolTV edition for help in dealing with this behaviour

Watch the SchoolTV edition for help in dealing with this behaviour

This month on SchoolTV - School Refusal

School refusal, sometimes called ‘school avoidance’ or ‘school phobia’, is not uncommon. It is different from ‘wagging’ or truancy, and is often related to worry or anxiety-related issues about going to school. School refusal may start gradually or happen suddenly. Although it is normal for a child to occasionally miss a day of school, parents should only be concerned if a child regularly complains about feeling sick or often asks to stay home due to minor physical complaints.

School refusal is a complex issue, as there is rarely a single cause. It affects children of all ages across primary and secondary levels. It can often occur during times of transition at school. More recently, the Coronavirus pandemic has disrupted the educational experience of all students, affecting some more than others. Dealing with the school refusal of a child can affect the whole family, adding pressure to an already challenging time. School refusal is not considered a formal psychiatric diagnosis. It’s a name given to an emotional and/or behavioural problem.

In this edition of SchoolTV, adult carers will learn how best to approach this issue and work towards a solution. If you do have any concerns about the wellbeing of your child, please contact the College Wellbeing Team for further information, or seek medical or professional help.

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