SchoolTV Special Report: Fortnite

Extremely popular amongst teens, Fortnite raises many cybersafety concerns.

Extremely popular amongst teens, Fortnite raises many cybersafety concerns.

By Claire Melloy, Director of Student Development

Most parents of adolescent children would be aware of the online game, ‘Fortnite’.

For many young people, the addictive nature of this game is having adverse effects on their behaviour and affecting their mental health. With over 125 million registered players worldwide, this game encourages players to battle each other to death using a variety of weaponry.

With an age rating of 13+, Fortnite raises many cybersafety concerns. Unfortunately, it allows unmoderated chat between players, leaving children exposed to being contacted by 'randomers' online. This function alone makes it unsuitable for primary-aged children.

In light of last week’s World Health Organisation announcement, recognising ‘gaming disorder’ as a mental health issue, this special report will help parents gain a greater insight into Fortnite and the concerns surrounding it. Parents are encouraged to reassess their gaming allowances and better manage technology usage at home.

With school holidays – and ample free time – just around the corner, this Special Report reviews the potential dangers associated with Fortnite. 

Read the Fornite special report

If you have any concerns about your child, please contact our college counsellors.

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