Secondary School Cross Country & Radpac

House fun at a previous RadPac carnival

House fun at a previous RadPac carnival

The annual House Cross Country and RadPAC (Performing Arts) Carnival will be held at school on Tuesday 4 May and is a compulsory day of school.

The Cross Country course is approximately 3km. Some students will have the opportunity to practice the course in PE classes and the course will be marked with yellow cones on the day. This year’s theme for RadPAC is May the 4th be with you (Star Wars). Houses will have the opportunity to practice their performance in the lead up and on the day before performing in the afternoon.

Students are to wear their House uniform for the day and should attend Tutor period at 8:35am to have the roll marked. A schedule of the day can be found below. Please note age groups are determined by the age the student turns in 2021. Students wishing to be considered for the ASC Carnival to be held on Friday 28 May should run in the competitive races at the beginning of the day. Whilst students will run in combined age groups, results will be separated into individual age groups. The ASC Carnival is the qualification carnival for the ACT Carnival to be held on Wednesday 16 June. Any student is welcome to participate in the fun-run/ walk-a-thon later in the morning.

8:35am – Tutor period
9:00am – 15, 16 & Open (17+) Years Boys competitive race
9:15am – 15, 16 & Open (17+) Years Girls competitive race
9:30am – 12, 13 & 14 Years Boys competitive race
9:45am – 12, 13 & 14 Years Girls competitive race
10:00am – fun-run/ walk-a-thon
10:45am – House chants
11:00am – Recess
11:20am – RadPAC practice
12:55pm – Lunch
2:00pm – RadPAC performances
3:30pm – Dismissal

RadPAC rehearsal venues:
Acacia – TB Millar forecourt
Banksia – Gym
Boronia – Pavilion
Huon – Upper Morison
Jarrah – Library Quad
Karri – Dance Studios
Kurrajong – Lower Morison
Wandoo – Performing Arts Centre

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