Southside bus service up and running

Principal Fiona Godfrey greets students off the southside bus

Principal Fiona Godfrey greets students off the southside bus

The rainy start did little to subdue the smiling faces stepping off the College's new southside bus service on Monday.

Transport Canberra's bus network changes in 2019, left Radford's southside families without a direct and dedicated school bus service.

The College sought expressions of interest in the morning and afternoon service in January. Seats quickly filled up and there is now a waiting list.

Mrs Godfrey said: "We're delighted to be able to offer this service for our southside families, who we felt were the group most affected by the Transport Canberra network changes last year in terms of travel times to and from Radford."

Radford's Chief Operating Officer David Perceval and Communications Manager Mick Bunworth met with Transport Canberra on Monday to request information about further changes to the city-wide bus network, due to commence from the start of Term 2.

Transport Canberra advised that those changes will be announced in mid-March, but that no more school bus services are possible at this stage.

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