Sport Report 29 November 2017

Paddler girls crew at the Tuggeranong Festival Cup regatta

Paddler girls crew at the Tuggeranong Festival Cup regatta

Final training session for 2017:
Due to compulsory attendance for all students and teaching staff at the Radford College Awards Night on Wednesday 6 December, the final day of training for all summer cocurricular sports will be Tuesday 5 December 2017.

Final round games for 2017:
Basketball, Cricket & Futsal – weekend of 8–10 December 2017
OzTag – Wednesday 13 December 2017

Trainings & games, Term 1, 2018:
Training will resume for all summer Co-curricular teams from Monday 5 February 2018 (Week 1)

First round games for 2018:
Cricket & Futsal – 2–4 February 2018 (last weekend of holidays)
OzTag – Wednesday 7 February 2018 (first official day of school)
Basketball – weekend of 9–11 February 2018 (end Week 1)

See this week's notice regarding Holiday Programs for details on the December sports programs.


U16 Girls Div 1 Mystics 43 def. Tuggeranong Southern Cross 38

On Friday 10 November the Mystics celebrated a well-earned win against Tuggeranong Southern Cross. It was a tight game, with the girls holding a marginal lead that put pressure on both teams to perform. In the end, the Mystics came out on top with a result of 43–38, clearly reflecting the girls' efforts. The well-rounded team has a mixture of talent in all players and positions, and their teamwork and energy assisted them in their success. Congratulations to the Mystics for the high-pressure win!

Congratulations to Radford U13 Division 1 player, Nikhil Pilla, who made his maiden century (113 off 73 balls) against WCMCC on Saturday. This achievement places Nikhil in the top 10 for highest batting score for an U13 player across Australia so far, this season.

by Giles Davis
On Saturday the Paddler squads raced at the Tuggeranong Festival Cup regatta at Lake Tuggeranong. This was the first race experience for most of our new coxes and rowers in Years 6 and 7, with the round robin format over 750 metres being an excellent introduction to side-by-side racing for our crews.

Every crew conducted themselves outstandingly over the day and pitted themselves well against other crews of rowers that were often several years olders. The Paddler boys squad finished the round robin with a crew in the Schoolboy quad Final and one into the 'Almost champion of champions' race, with the latter placing first. The Paddler girls did even better, sending two crews into the Schoolgirl A Final, and winning gold and bronze medals. This qualified the winning crew for the 'Champion of champions' race, where they finished with a bronze medal. In addition, the Paddler girls also had a crew to the 'Almost champion of champions' race, where they placed second. All crews built some invaluable race experience, with each crew getting a minimum of three races and some crews getting up to five races, giving them good practice that will stand them in good stead for the rest of the season.

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