Sports Report, 11 Nov 20

Photo (L-R) - Jonathan Mandl (Radford Snowsports Technical Director, Mia Rajak, Andrew Kerr and Ethan Kruger.

Photo (L-R) - Jonathan Mandl (Radford Snowsports Technical Director, Mia Rajak, Andrew Kerr and Ethan Kruger.


In Term 4 Week 2, we announced that our fabulous Year 12 athletes, Mia Rajak, Ethan Kruger and Andrew Kerr, received a special acknowledgement from Snow Australia by being named on the inaugural Snow Australia Interschool Snowsports Honour Roll in 2020.  This achievement recognises their effort and commitment representing Radford College. 

This week, we are excited to provide you with Mia, Ethan and Andrew’s contribution to the Radford Snowsports Program and performance achievements. 

Andrew Kerr, Year 12

  • Interschools competitor since 2013
  • Qualified for Australian Interschools 10 times – 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010* (Competing for Aranda Primary in 2010 before transitioning to Radford College)
  • ACT Schools Cup competitor since 2010
  • Andrew placed 1st in Div 5 Alpine in the inaugural event held on Mother-in-Law, Sept 2010
  • Andrew is Radford College’s longest-serving consecutive year competitor over the last decade, writing a new chapter in our proud history of representative Alpine GS and SkierX competition.
  • His combined record of consistently achieving podium recognition as both and individual and anchoring a Radford team plus length of service in Interschools participation is an exceptional achievement in the history of our Snowsports program
  • Andrew would have competed in his 11th Interschools championships in 2020 and was devastated to miss the opportunity of representing Radford College in his final year at Radford.  Andrew would have been aiming for the podium to prove a point to himself and supporters in 2020, finishing his Interschools ‘career’ on a high note


Ethan Kruger, Year 12

  • Interschools competitor since 2016
  • Qualified for Australian Interschools 4 times – 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016
  • ACT Schools Cup competitor since 2016
  • Ethan would have competed in his 5th Interschools championships in 2020 and would have traded anything to join teammate Andrew Kerr in this years’ Div 1 Alpine GS and SkierX events, aiming for the podium.
  • Ethan is a tough and talented competitor who leaves ‘nothing in reserve’ when racing and wanted nothing more than to finish his Interschools journey on the highest possible note of personal bests in his events


Mia Rajak, Year 12

  • Radford Snowsports Girls Team Captain in 2020
  • Interschools competitor since 2017
  • Qualified for Australian Interschools 3 times – 2019, 2018, 2017
  • ACT Schools Cup competitor since 2017
  • Mia would have competed in her 4th Interschools championships in 2020
  • Mia loves skiing and her skills homed in training and Interschools competition have taken her enjoyment of the sport and in friendships formed within the Radford Snowsports team to a new level.
  • As a Snowsports Team Captain in 2020, Mia would dearly have loved to finish her Interschools experience on a high note surrounded by her teammates.
  • Mia demonstrated exceptional leadership in her final year of senior school 

Photo (L-R) - Jonathan Mandl (Radford Snowsports Technical Director, wearing a course official vest one last time for the students), Mia Rajak, Andrew Kerr and Ethan Kruger. 

Inaugural Year 11 v Year 12 Rugby Match
Anticipation and excitement were at fever pitch with the inaugural Year 11 v Year 12 Rugby Match taking place in near-perfect conditions.  With coach Andy on the whistle, and Manager Tim on the sideline, both teams were playing for more than just a Grand Final, PRIDE was on the line. 

Play was hard, both sides tackled, side-stepped and ran like nothing Andy and Tim had seen before, they were out to win and clearly the season had brought the best out in all of them. The crowd were not disappointed, in the end the Year 12s took the win 4 – 1, the Year 11s will now have to wait until next year. 

Radford 15/1s played against CGS Navy, on Saturday 7 November, unfortunately Radford lost against CGS. 

Congratulations to the Aussie Taggers (Mixed U13) who won 8-3 against The Goats. 

The weekend saw Radford compete in the first regatta of the season - Radford / Daramalan Regatta. Results were solid from across Year 7-11, many crews making their racing debut and all in their new team combinations, first race of the term – solid start, looking forward to some interstate racing at ISRA regatta Sydney this weekend.  It was exciting to see a Senior Boys and Senior Girls 8 representing the school, the Boys put down an exceptional result beating Canberra Grammar. 

  • 10 Gold
  • 8 Silver
  • 11 Bronze

A special thank you goes out to all the Radford rowing parents who continually support our students.

International Sports Camps – January 2021
Check out the flyer for the International Sports Camps on offer during the January 2021 School Holidays.   Sports on offer include Basketball, Cricket, Netball and Soccer. 

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