Sports Report, 12 Feb 20

Read the latest news from the Sports Department

Read the latest news from the Sports Department

Welcome to the 2020 second week of sporting activities and achievements! 

Netball coaching
Radford will be running a “Targeted Specialist Program” open to all Radford players focusing on preparing for the upcoming 2020 netball season.  Please see the attached information sheet for more details. 

North Canberra Netball Competition - umpiring
Please see the attached information sheet for more details. 

Kung Fu Classes at the Gibbons Pavilion
Following their Year 8 workshop last year, the Yut Hung Kung Fu Academy is now teaching classes at Radford College.  All classes are taught by Radford Collegian Dr Wilson Lo, who started the academy 15 years ago with the emphasis on the tuition of practical self-defence and upholding the three virtues of Discipline, Respect and Compassion.  The academy also runs Canberra Dragon Dance, so students have the option of performing in martial arts, dragon and lion dance in major festivals and events across Canberra. 

Classes are held at the Gibbons Pavilion on Monday and Thursdays 4:00 – 5:30pm.  For more information visit or call Dr Wilson Lo on 0419297347 or just pop into a class and say hello! 

 Kung Fu and Dragon Dance

Rugby – Refereeing Course for Kids Rugby
Just a reminder for those who may be interested in learning to be a referee for kid’s rugby. 

Brumbies Development Office are looking for expressions of interest from any student ages 13+ (if your child is turning 13 this year, they are also eligible) who are interested in learning to be a referee for kid’s rugby. 

The course will run through all the basic laws and skills including the SMART RUGBY component, to enable the participant to referee a game with confidence.  This program also falls under the skill component of the Duke of Edinburgh and can be used towards completion of Bronze and Silver awards. 

The course takes approximately 2.5 hours.  After the course, the participants will need to complete a short exam (open book) on the laws of rugby which will be held in the rugby learning centre. 

This course is great for increasing rugby knowledge for current players and aspiring referees. It is also good for clubs and schools to upskill a parent or manager who can fill in a game on the weekend, if the team does not have an appointed referee. 

Once the course and the online exam are completed, the participant will be given a whistle, a card, and uniform to referee. 

If you or your child is interested in this course, please forward an email to with your details.

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Sport & Year Group


ACT Secondary Tennis Day (Girls and Boys)

This event is part of the SSACT 18&U Tennis team selection process.


Date(s) of Event

Monday 24th February


Canberra Tennis Centre, 3 Riggall Place Lyneham

Event Criteria

Players must have either;

  • an Australian Ranking
  • previous tournament experience in Australian Ranking tournaments, Junior Development Series events or overseas tournaments


Arrival time

Collection time



(Specific gear, uniform)



Players will need to bring a tennis racquet.


$10.00 Participation Fee to be paid directly to your school prior to event, this is additional to individual school costs of transport and relief coverage.

As this event is also a State Team Selection trial online registration is required, please visit the Tennis sport specific page on the School Sport ACT website.

Further Information

(Canteen facilities, wet weather provision etc.)

Drinks will be available to buy throughout the day. No food is available for sale onsite. Students are advised to provide their own snacks and lunch.

Entry Closing Date

Thursday 20th February. All entries must be made by the school. No individual player entries will be accepted. If you have any questions and/or would like to submit an entry please email Radford Sports Department –



School Sport ACT Logo




NB: SSACT is currently without a website, therefore any interested students are email the Radford Sports Department to get the ‘17&U Softball Manual Trial Form’.  The form is to be submitted by the player to the respective manager, or bring the form with them on the day of the trial.

Age Group & Sport

(12&U or 13&O)

17&U Boys and Girls Softball

Date(s) of Trial

(Must attend at least one)

Trial 1 – Thursday 20th February 2020

Trial 2 – Thursday 27th February 2020



Hawker International Softball Centre, Walhallow St, Hawker ACT



Trial 1 – 5pm – 6:30pm

Trial 2 – 5pm – 6:30pm


(Specific gear)



Appropriate shoes, clothing and drink bottle.

Cost of the Event/ Trial Registration 

Online registration fee - $10.00



Due to age dispensation granted by School Sport Australia; students turning 18 between 1st July – 31st December, can trial

Further Information


Trial for the School Sport Australia Championship competing in Perth, WA from the 9th – 16th May 2020





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