Sports Report, 16 Sept 20

Another great win for the 1st XV rugby team - 50-Nil over St Edmund's on Saturday 12 Sept 20

Another great win for the 1st XV rugby team - 50-Nil over St Edmund's on Saturday 12 Sept 20

Saturday was the last general round for the 2020 NCNC, and it didn’t disappoint.  All Radford teams played with determination and passion, achieving some excellent results. 


  • Radford Magpies were defeated by INNC 1-7
  • Radford Dolphins defeated INCC 14-8
  • Radford Ravens were defeated by GSNC 2-8
  • Radford Purple defeated GNC 27-24
  • Radford Yellow defeated Daramalan 21-13
  • Radford Green were defeated JPC 10-41
  • Radford Red were defeated by SGRNC 1-24
  • Radford Navy defeated GNC 8-3
  • Radford Orange were defeated by GNC 5-13
  • Radford Gold defeated GNC 36-27
  • Radford Silver defeated SGRNC 26-23
  • Radford Maroon defeated BAS 39-3
  • Radford White defeated INNC 24-9
  • Radford Blue defeated Daramalan 17-13 

 On Saturday 19th September, Radford netball teams placed 1st-4th will play in semi-finals and teams placed 5th-8th will compete in play-off matches.  Below are the final placings at the completion of all round games.   

  • Radford Magpies – 1st
  • Radford Dolphins – 4th
  • Radford Ravens – 6th
  • Radford Purple – 6th
  • Radford Yellow – 3rd
  • Radford Green - 7th
  • Radford Red – 8th 
  • Radford Navy – 7th
  • Radford Orange – 8th
  • Radford Gold – 3rd
  • Radford Silver – 5th
  • Radford Maroon – 1st
  • Radford White – 1st
  • Radford Blue – 4th 

The Radford Junior Boys Tennis Team, competing in the ANZ ACT Junior Division 1 Pennant Competition had their second win on Sunday. Gen Casarotto (Year 9) and Harry Sincock (Year 7) both won their singles matches, while Suhaan Bhagria (Year 11) received a forfeit.    

Congratulations to the U18 Boys who defeated St Edmunds 50-0 on the weekend. The boys play their final game of the season against Canberra Grammar on Saturday, 12:00pm kick-off at Radford. If the boys win this match, they should qualify for the Grand Final on Saturday 26 September. 

NPLY Football
The NPLY Football teams will play their final home games of the season on Saturday on the P&F Oval: 

U13s – 10:00am v Woden Valley SC
U16s – 11:35am v Woden Valley SC
U14s – 1:10pm v Woden Valley SC
U18s – 3:10pm v Tuggeranong United FC 

Holiday Basketball Clinic - Monday 28 September

Basketball Clinic

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