STEM Enrichment Competitions

STEM competitions in 2019

STEM competitions in 2019

By Jeremy Hawkes, Teacher

I am seeking expressions of interest by Wednesday 15 May for three STEM enrichment competitions that will be occurring this year. The competitions are:

In each of these competitions, students will work in teams of three or four. Students can either form their own teams or individuals will be grouped together.

Ai for good

In this challenge, you will learn about Artificial Intelligence and dream up a concept that makes the world better, using AI. As part of the challenge, the students will participate in a Hackathon to learn important skills.

F1 in schools

Students are to design, market and compete a CO2 powered F1 car that is machined out of a block of balsa wood. Students have the opportunity to compete in the ACT state finals.

UAV challenge

This challenge requires students to design a UAV delivery system for an emergency situation. In the simulation the unmanned aircraft will have to be manoeuvred around hurdles to deliver an EpiPen.

If you would like to compete in these competitions or would like further information please email Jeremy Hawkes using

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