Student research: "Indigenous Rights and Freedoms"

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Radford College Crest

By Nick Ewbank, Head of History, Philosophy and RAVE 

As part of their study on Indigenous Rights and Freedoms, students were asked to conduct research into an area or issue that fitted the themes of the unit.  Students were provided with some stimulus material and expected to set themselves their own research question, as well as independently researching their topic. 

Attached are three of the very strong responses the Year 10 teachers received.  They are very well written and show a depth of thought and research about these important and timely issues. 

Well done, Bridie Liu, Christine Nguyen and Jess Fleming! 

(All three students, Bridie Liu, Christine Nguyen and Jess Fleming gave consent for publication of their assignments.)

Bridie Liu

Christine Nguyen

Jess Fleming

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