Success at Orienteering Nationals

The jubilant ACT team, photo courtesy of Tom de Jongh

The jubilant ACT team, photo courtesy of Tom de Jongh

By Toni Brown

Eight Radford students travelled to South Australia to compete as part of the 20-person ACT representative team at the 2018 Orienteering Schools Nationals.  

Congratulations to the ACT team, which took out the Nationals competition convincingly, with a victory over South Australia.

  • 1st ACT 70 points
  • 2nd SA 60
  • 3rd NSW 54
  • 4th Qld 50
  • 5th Vic 49
  • 6th Tas 39
  • 7th WA 13

The ACT team was captained by Radford Year 12 student, Noah Poland. Noah commented in his victory speech on the hard work put in by the entire team, of note the hard work by many of the athletes in the team who trained with both the Radford Squad and with the ACT junior development squad, thus showing a real commitment to performance and excellence in this sport.

Team members
Junior Girls 15 years and under: Justine Hobson
Junior Boys 15 years and under: Toby Lang, David Stocks, Joseph Wilson, Patrick Shelton Agar (reserve)
Senior Boys 16 years and over: Noah Poland, Andrew Kerr, Ryan Stocks (reserve).

All Australian Team national team selection
Three Radford students were selected in the 16-person All Australian Team national team: congratulations Noah Poland (Y12), David Stocks (Y9) and Justine Hobson (Y8).

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