Summer Sport Registrations NOW OPEN

Register now through Radford Online for Summer Sports!

Register now through Radford Online for Summer Sports!

Registrations for the 2020/21 Summer Sports season (Terms 4 2020 & 1 2021) are now open and will close on Monday 17 August. Registrations received after the closing date may not be accepted. 

Registration process
1. Sign in to Radford Online.

2. Select Co-Curricular from the maroon tabs along the top of the dashboard.

3. Select Registration Forms.

4. Scroll down through the coloured Co-Curricular Areas in the centre of the page to the last area which is Sport (aqua-coloured blocks).

5. Select the relevant registration form (located to the right of the heading) for further information about trials/team selections, training and playing times and fees for that sport.

6. Complete the registration form. You will receive a message saying “Congratulations, you have completed the form.” IMPORTANT: completing the form is not the end of the registration process, you need to submit it to ensure your registration is received - see points 7 and 8.

7. To complete the registration for your child or children you must ensure that you click the “Submit” button on the left, below the “congratulations” message.

8. You will receive an email confirming the registration.
If you do not receive this email by the following day, please re-submit or email


  • Athletics Training (Year 3-11)
  • Basketball (Kindergarten & Year 1 only) – due to the 2020 Winter U10-19 season being extended until the end of Term 4
  • Cricket (Year 2-11)
  • Summer Football Academy (Kindergarten – Year 6)
  • Futsal (Year 1-11): more training times/court space have been allocated to allow better training quality
  • Girls Make Your Move Fitness (Year 7-11)
  • Golf (Year 2-11)
  • Oztag (Year 2-11): please see the Oztag Radford Online page for further information regarding registrations
  • Rowing (Year 6-11): information session Monday 17 August, 6:00pm in the G Wigg Sports Centre classrooms
  • Taekwondo (Kindergarten – Year 11)
  • Tennis Full Year Program Term 4 2020 – Term 3 2021 (Kindergarten – Year 8)
    Registration for this program will be sent to parents who currently have children in the 2020 Winter Tennis Program, followed by those on the wait list. Please see the Tennis Radford Online page for further information
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