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TeamSUPPORT members visiting Black Mountain School

TeamSUPPORT members visiting Black Mountain School

By Andy Fleming, Associate Chaplain

Andy Fleming, Associate ChaplainLast Thursday, I had the opportunity to spend the afternoon at Black Mountain School, watching the TeamSUPPORT boys in Year 10 whilst they provided a range of activities for the BMS students. It was impressive to see how the TeamSUPPORT boys so seamlessly entertained and helped those in their activities with great humility and inclusiveness. This was an afternoon when I gained more of an insight into what authentic grace and service looks like.

What stood out for me was the boys’ attitude and approach to running the activities. Through conducting simple activities, such as rolling tyres at a wall of cardboard boxes, target shooting with nerf guns, and sponge throwing, they were completely focussed on bringing joy to the BMS students. The care they showed some of the most vulnerable is an example for us. 

Not surprisingly, throughout the Bible, the instruction for us to care for the most vulnerable is very clear. Jesus’ command of “loving your neighbour as yourself” can be found in his Parables. In one of the better known parables, after being asked by a lawyer, “Who is my neighbour ?”, Jesus shares the Parable of the Good Samaritan, which describes the mercy and compassion of a stranger from a disliked group of people helping someone left destitute, hurt and now vulnerable. 

On another occasion, Jesus explains how people will be judged on their actions concerning their neighbours. Those who offer food, shelter and clothes to the hungry, the stranger and the “naked”, and who take care of the sick, will be blessed by God and take their rightful place in heaven. It is interesting to note that in this particular passage, Jesus talks about what you do to, or for, your neighbours, you are directly doing to him; “Truly I tell you, just as you did it to one of the least of these who are members of my family, you did it to me.” Essentially, Jesus will be revealed to us when we look to the needs of our neighbour and, especially, our most vulnerable neighbours. It is so encouraging that our students, just like the Year 10 boys at BMS last week, take the time to care for the most vulnerable. 

Junior School Giving Tree
In the Junior School, the Radford Tribal Council is supporting the Capital Region Community Services Christmas Appeal. Donations of presents can be left in the bathtub at Junior School reception. 

All gifts need to be new and must not be wrapped. Please place these in the Magic Bathtub in the JS reception before the end of November. See poster for suggestions and details. 

Anglicare Christmas Pantry Appeal
After the year many in our wider community have experienced, it is little wonder that there is a greater than normal demand on Anglicare. Radford Secondary school has been contacted by Anglicare to assist with stocking their shelves in time for Christmas. Anglicare volunteers have been unable to do their normal collections at supermarkets this year leaving the cupboards particularly bare. Everyday pantry items are needed, as well as Christmas foods to be put in hampers. Donations of food and other items, including unwrapped gifts for people of all ages, can be left at the Giving Tree in the Secondary School Library.

Please see below for details of what can be donated.

May each of us share in God’s peace,
Chaplain Andy

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