Triple Triathlon Achievement

Molly Lilley (swim), Josh Kluth (cycle), Jacob Miller (run)

Molly Lilley (swim), Josh Kluth (cycle), Jacob Miller (run)

By Molly Lilley, Year 10 

On 15 November, Jacob Miller, Josh Kluth and I were lucky enough to participate in the Sri Chinmoy triple triathlon. This consisted of 3 consecutive triathlons throughout Canberra: Swim 1.5km + Mountain bike 36km + Run 18km + Swim 3.5km + Mountain bike 36km + Run 11 km + Swim 1.2km + Mountain bike 23km + Run 13km = Triple-Triathlon.

I completed the swims, Josh the rides and Jacob completed the runs. We competed in the mixed T3 category and came 4th, completing the event in a time of 11:06:46, as the youngest competitors in the field.

Molly Lilley

Josh Kluth

Jacob Miller


Swim km

Bike km

Run km


















The event started at 5:50am at Lake Ginninderra, and took us all around Canberra, through all the lakes and up most hills as well. It was a hot day, which added to the challenge. The finish was located at the YMCA sailing club at Yarralumla Bay. We finished at 4:56pm in the afternoon, after a long day of exercise. 

This experience has motivated me to embark on new challenges that will test my comfort zone, but will ultimately be an awesome opportunity. I loved the team effort and the feeling as Jacob crossed the finish line, at the end of the final run. It felt very invigorating, and I would definitely try something like this again, hopefully sometime soon! 

Founded by Sri Chinmoy in 1977 as a service to the running community, and to promote self-transcendence through sports, the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team stages fun-runs, swims, triathlons and multi-sport events, and has become the largest sponsor of ultra-distance running in the world.

In addition to triathlons and shorter races, the Team stages ultra-events, ranging up to 3100 miles (over 5000 km), as well as National 24 Hour Championships in Switzerland, New Zealand and Canada.

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