Waste Free Wed News: 2 Sept

Happiness is a waste free lunch box!

Happiness is a waste free lunch box!

By Anya Malhotra, Radford Tribal Council Representative


Waste free lunchboxWhat is Waste Free Wednesday?

Every Wednesday Radford students are encouraged to bring in lunches free of waste, plastic packaging, plastic bags etc.


Why are we doing Waste Free Wednesday?

To promote a culture of environmental consciousness and to reduce plastic waste in the school.


How is your Year level and class going with Waste Free Wednesday?

Year 5 had a slow start to Waste Free Wednesday and it took a couple of weeks to quicken our pace. My class 5SW has an average performance but it is expected to improve.


What improvements have you seen?

Over the weeks I have noticed that:

- There is a growing sense of responsibility and mindfulness about Waste Free Wednesday.

- Kids are bringing in Waste Free Lunches without needing reminders.


Further tips and encouragement for others

  1. Set an alarm for Tuesday night to remind your parents to pack a Waste Free lunch on Wednesday.
  2. Use containers or bees wax wraps instead of plastic wraps.
  3. Have a self-rewarding system like stickers, stamps or promise yourself a tasty treat when you get home!
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