Week 1 of PYP Exhibition 2020

Y6 students begin their PYP Exhibition journey

Y6 students begin their PYP Exhibition journey

By Chelsea Hatley, Chloe Mailler and Eliza Muscat, Year 6

Last week was the start of a massive journey. It was the seed that’s yet to blossom into something full of new thoughts, understandings and ideas about the world around us. Here are some insights into what the first week of Exhibition has been all about. 

The Lorax - Dr SeussWe kicked off the week by starting to think about some topics we 

are passionate about, and issues the world is facing. There were a lot of topics, and Year 6 students started to create a better understanding and begin to form new passions to support these problems. 

Then we grasped the deeper meaning of The Lorax by Dr Seuss. By watching the movie, we were able to discover a sense of meaning in the quote “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not”, which underlines our Exhibition 2020. After talking about the Unless quote we were able to start thinking about what our “Unless” might be. 

Exhibition is not only about the product, but also the process, and that will be shown in our Exhibition process journal. 

We finished the week with a great excursion to the National Art Gallery of Australia. Seeing how artists express a call for action in artworks has inspired us! 

Overall, this week has been all about tuning in to Exhibition and letting our teachers guide us in the right direction to discover our passions, as well as thinking about what we are going to inquire into for the ten weeks of Exhibition ahead of us.

Seuss, D. (1971). The Lorax, Random House, New York


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