World Humanitarian Day

Students show their smiles and their stars in support of their Compassion sponsored children

Students show their smiles and their stars in support of their Compassion sponsored children

World Humanitarian Day – by the RTC 2020 

Stars everywhere in support of our sponsored childrenThe RTC organised to celebrate World Humanitarian day on Friday 21st August. This day encouraged us to think about people in the world who aren’t as fortunate as we are, so that is particularly our Sponsor children, Jose, Antia and Althia. 

Humanitarians are people who help others, especially those in need who are vulnerable. Humanitarian organisations collect money to help people who have experienced difficulty in their lives.

On the day we wore our uniform with a twinkle of stars. So, people were asked to wear an item of clothing that has stars on it, like socks or a jacket. 

Why stars? Each country flag for our sponsor children have stars on them – Brazil, Ghana and the Philippines! Stars also made us remember that we shine when we help others. 

We also asked people to bring in gold coins which we will use to help our Sponsor kids.

Students raised $1500 for their sponsored children:  (L to R below)  Althia from the Philippines, aged 17; Jose from Brazil, aged 10; and Antia from Ghana, aged 13.

 Althia from Philippines, Jose from Brazil, Antia from Ghana

Student reflections:

  • In 6TW lots of people wore Converse shoes which have a star on them. This day connects with the Year 6 exhibition provocation of ‘Unless’

  • In 1HT lots of people wore stars, and those who forgot got star stickers to wear! We collected a lot of money to help our sponsor children.

  • In 3JC everyone wore stars and they brought in lots of gold coins to contribute. Our inquiry is about sharing the planet and we’re looking at the central idea of ‘Opportunities are determined by location and community’. We connected with this special day as we’re learning about helping others. Sophie L 

  • The best part of the day was seeing how generous people were in 5BL as they brought in lots of coins to help.



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