World Humanitarian Day - RTC Initiatives

A day to remember victims and those who help them

A day to remember victims and those who help them

The UN and many participating nations around the world mark World Humanitarian Day every 19 August. The day is a time to remember the victims of humanitarian crises all around the world and also those who fearlessly venture into dangerous regions to bring them much-needed aid. 

The RTC invites the Junior School to celebrate World Humanitarian Day on Friday 21st August . It will be a day to remember, and raise funds for our Compassion Sponsor children who live in countries that aren’t as fortunate as Australia.  

Students are invited to: 

  • wear their school uniform and add a twinkle of stars (swap out a school jumper/top for one that has stars on it or wear a starry headband) and
  • bring a donation that will go toward supporting our Compassion kids. Stars will remind us of how we can shine by giving to others.  

World Humanitarian Day poster

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