Y7 learns about forces - the fun way

Year 7 students launch their "robocopter" prototypes

Year 7 students launch their "robocopter" prototypes

From: Vicki Goss, Science Teacher 

As part of our unit studying forces, Year 7 students were issued a design challenge of creating the best “robocopter” – a spinning shape made from a single sheet of A4 paper or cardboard. 

In the video, you can see the efforts of 07Sci2, who made use of the balcony above the Canteen as a launch site. 

Students spent the lesson designing and testing a range of robocopters. The best designs of each group were dropped three times. The winners from this class, with the slowest falling robocopter, over the three tests, were Simon Mai and Max Forbutt. 

Will they be able to maintain this title in the next design challenge? We will see…

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