Year 1 at the National Zoo & Aquarium

Feeding deer at the National Zoo

Feeding deer at the National Zoo

By Melinda Hamilton, Year 1 Teacher

Year 1 enjoyed a magnificent day at the National Zoo & Aquarium on Friday. Our inquiry into ‘Sharing the Planet’ has us exploring how living things are interdependent, so there was plenty at the zoo to further our understanding and raise deep questions. 

Visiting giraffes at the National Zoo

Our visit involved a guided zoo tour where students got to hold a snake, feed deer and an emu, and learn about many animals including tigers, sun bears, monkeys, owls, and meerkats.

We were lucky to be joined by many enthusiastic parent helpers for the day.  This allowed us to explore the zoo in small groups, which meant every child got to see what they were most interested in.

After a busy, hot day we all cooled down with an ice block before heading back to school. 

Experiencing the smooth and soft snake skinReflections

Poppy – My favourite animals were the African painted dogs. They were running around like crazy and look like they’d gotten into black paint! 

Lawrence – I liked the cheetah because it can run really fast! Did you know that a cheetah doesn’t howl, but it chirps like a dog? 

Sophia - I was wondering whether a zebra has black skin with white stripes or white skin with black stripes and at the zoo I learnt it is neither! A zebra just has stripes! 

Emma – I liked holding the snake. The skin felt very soft and smooth.

Benny – I loved the big fish in the aquarium. There were also boa constrictors and iguanas!


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