Year 1 Takes Action - to say "thank you"!

Year 1 thanks those who work in the paddock-to-plate food chain

Year 1 thanks those who work in the paddock-to-plate food chain

By Melinda Hamilton, Year 1 Teacher 

Christmas cards for a farmerLast week Year 1 had the opportunity to take action related to their investigations into ‘How We Organise Ourselves’. During this inquiry, students learnt about the paddock-to-plate process, and how important farmers are in supplying food for us to eat. Students had the opportunity to create a Christmas card for a farmer, to thank them for all their hard work. These cards are going to be distributed to Australian farmers by the Rural Aid organisation. 

Some messages in the cards:

  • Thank you for all our amazing food and for being so tough and growing all the food. You make us happy! Merry Christmas for you and the lovely animals and your family. It must be very hard for you. My favourite fruit is mango! I love farmers. We’re so lucky to have you – hip hip hooray for farmers! – Alannah

  • Thank you for all your hard work. We know that without farmers like you, we would not have anything to eat. My favourite meat is eye fillet steak and then bacon, but I thank you for all of the food you have made. I know it has been hard for farmers because of all the drought and bushfires but you persevered and got us more food. One more time, thank you! Good luck with coronavirus. Merry Christmas on your farm. – Hamish 

  • Thank you for producing food, clothes and other stuff and growing food to provide for us. Thank you for milking your cows. Thank you for growing beef, vegetables, eggs, bacon and clothing. We know it can be very hard and tough. Thank you for having perseverance. My favourite food is bacon. My favourite drink is milk, and we can’t eat without you. We have been learning about food and how it comes from you to us. Thanks for working really hard. Have a Merry Christmas. - Emmee

Creating thank you Christmas cards for farmers

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