Year 1 visit to Tatum Farm

Lovable llamas at Tatum Farm - Year 1 Excursion

Lovable llamas at Tatum Farm - Year 1 Excursion

From Melinda Hamilton, Junior School Teacher

Year 1 is exploring ‘How We Organise Ourselves’, which investigates how people function effectively together in the paddock-to-plate process. To help us tune in, students in 1MH & 1RJ enjoyed a visit to the Tatum Farm

We had a fantastic day, having the opportunity to feed llamas, collect eggs, plant bean seeds, learn about compost, look inside a beehive, and watch a goat being milked. Students also enjoyed some farm craft, making a llama as well as using the goats’ milk to make cheese. 

The experience really helped students to gain new knowledge about where our food comes from, as well as pose interesting questions. 

Reflections from Year 1 students

Sarah - We saw chickens, goats, chickens and llamas. We didn’t see any pigs! We got to feed the llamas and my favourite part was seeing the goats and when Ilaria milked the goats. She just squeezed it and milk came out! 

Benny – I learnt that bees sometimes live in a beehive and sometimes people give them homes. I tried to find eggs on the farm. My favourite part of the visit was the llamas because I got to feed them and feel them. They felt like soft pillows. 

Lawrence – We made craft llamas and we made cheese. We saw llamas and bees in a hive. I tried making cheese for the first time. We saw Ilaria’s chickens and guinea pigs. 

Niha – There were lots of animals on the farm. I tried feeding the llamas. It tickled and when I patted them, they felt really fuzzy. My favourite part was the llamas. 

Bailey – On the farm I fed llamas and I saw a rabbit. The llamas felt like a fluffy sheep. 

Livvy – I saw guinea pigs running around and hiding in the chicken area. I got to hunt for real eggs and I found 12. My favourite part was seeing the cats near Ilaria’s house. 

1AJ & 1HT look forward to visiting the Tatum farm on 2nd September, since the wet weather postponed their visit last week.

Goat ready for milking at Tatum Farm


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