Year 1 visits the Barton Grocer

Year 1 excursion - cruising the aisles at Barton Grocer

Year 1 excursion - cruising the aisles at Barton Grocer

By Melinda Hamilton, Junior School Teacher

Year 1 is exploring ‘How We Organise Ourselves’ by inquiring into the paddock-to-plate process. Part of our learning includes a visit to the Barton Grocer, to find out the role a supermarket plays in bringing food from the paddock to our plates. We’re very grateful to Dom & Kylie for hosting our visits this week.


Students with Barton Grocer staffReflections from Year 1 students:

Alannah – At the Barton Grocer we got to have a hot chocolate and a donut. It was very yummy. We also got to learn about the security cameras as well as buying ingredients for vegetable soup and pizza. The Barton Grocer wasn’t like a big Coles or Woolworths. The great thing was it had lots of yummy food. It was also kind of like a restaurant, with lots of other stuff to eat. 

Benny – We’re learning about how food is made. So, we got to see how donuts were made. The dough went in and went out and plopped into the machine. It then went in oil and was dipped in cinnamon after it’s done. We saw the loading area, and also the office, where we walked past the pasta-making machine. We saw the security cameras and we even saw ourselves! 

Ethan – We went on a trip to the Barton Grocer because we’re learning about paddock to plate. Dom taught us about the oranges and how they were extra juicy ones that are used to make fresh orange juice. Dom also showed us where the trucks bring all the food that is sold in the shop. The best part was when Dom gave us a chocolate on the way out!

Niha – I got to serve customers at the grocer. I had to scan the items and tell them how much it cost. 1MH paid for their food and I gave them back the change because they gave more money than was needed. We got to eat a cinnamon donut and drink a hot chocolate. It was a great excursion! 

Emmee – At the Barton Grocer, we got to buy food for our next cooking lessons at school. We bought ingredients for vegetable soup. We put the items in the smaller trolley, and we paid for it at the cash registers. We got to take pictures during our tour with Dom. On the security cameras we got to see other people in 1MH, shopping in the Grocers. Finally, we bought a donut and hot chocolate and ate it at one of the café tables. It was an amazing excursion! 


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