Year 12 Graduation - Class of 2020

The Class of 2020 graduate at Llewellyn Hall

The Class of 2020 graduate at Llewellyn Hall

By Olivia Wilson and Sam Roberts, College Captains, 2021

Last Friday, the 27th of November, the school executive and as much of the community as possible, considering restrictions, gathered at Llewellyn Hall to farewell the graduating class of 2020. It was a terrific night for the class and their parents to pause and reflect on finishing a major chapter in their lives and on what has been a crazy and unforgiving year. Finishing school is a major goal for many from an incredibly young age, and to see so many amazing people walking over the stage to collect their certificates was uplifting. 

Throughout the night, we were entertained with two musical pieces, both were pre-recorded, and performed by graduating students. First, we enjoyed Michael Troy’s arrangement of “Ave Verum Corpus”. Michael is a talented musician and composer, alongside having been the College Vice-Captain. This classical piece of music, sung by a choir of Year 12 students, sent shivers down our spines. 

After the presentation of the first four house groups, Acacia, Banksia, Boronia and Huon, the audience enjoyed a pre-recorded musical item from a group of Year 12 students. They performed “September” by Maurice White, Allee Willis and Al McKay, arranged by Liam Van Der Vyver. All age groups of the audience relished in the familiarity of the song while having a good chuckle at the facial expression of certain band members.

Each student was presented to the audience of parents and honourable guests. The students crossed the stage, while their tutor teacher spoke about their amazing attributes and plans for the future. It was reassuring to see how many students had plans for the coming year, especially as so many of our peers, having just finished Year 11, are still so unsure. The variety of plans truly inspired us, showing that whatever dreams we have, are possible, even in the times of a pandemic.

Elisabeth (Lissie) Gregory was named the Valedictorian of the Class of 2020. Lissie spoke about the idea of being extraordinary, after sharing with the audience a phrase her mother has told her every day before leaving for school: “Be extraordinary today!” Lissie continued to share that while she barely knew what extraordinary means, despite being told to be it for the last 13 years, she knew the year group in front of her was whatever the definition of it is. Lissie recalled fond memories of the love, care and resilience of her peers and they would all miss each other very much. It certainly made many students, parents and staff a little teary. Thank you, Lissie Gregory, for your truly inspirational speech.

We were both honoured to be invited to attend Year 12 graduation and be a part of the truly terrific night. The graduating Class of 2020 are extraordinary people and we can't wait to see what they do next. The night was touching for the students and staff but most significantly the parents. It was a wonderful opportunity to reflect on their child's past 13 years of schooling. We look forward to our coming year as Year 12 students and our chance to reflect on our schooling in 12 months' time.

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