Year 12 Revue 2019

Book online for this imaginative production

Book online for this imaginative production


By Amy Theakston 

Dates: Thurs 25, Fri 26, Sat 27 July
Tickets:, or at the door. 


Every year, Radford College Year 12 students collaborate, write and direct a year‑group play of their choosing. This year we are showcasing a play titled Maroon is the New Black, a story set in the confines of a prison where some of the incarcerated attempt to escape. It will be a play jam-packed with satirical allusions to the ins and outs of the Radford experience.

The Revue is a tremendous time for Year 12 students to cooperate and create a piece that compels everyone to come together. And it is not just aimed at Year 12 families, it is created for everyone in the Radford community. 

We hope you’ll come along in Week 1, Term 3 on Thursday 25 July, Friday 26 July  or Saturday 27 July. Tickets are available online or at the door.

Come and support the Radford community!

Y12 Revue rehearsal

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