Year 5/6 Drama: Wonder Fly

If we are all heroes, who is the villain?

If we are all heroes, who is the villain?

Welcome to the 2020 Year 5-6 Production: Wonder Fly by Nick Atkins.  Nothing can stop these Radford students from achieving their aim to perform this coming-of-age hero’s quest. 

The characters in this play, much like our students, are striving to find out who they are and what it takes to be true to yourself. 

Bridie doesn’t tend to stand out. It is halfway through the school year, and nothing seems to be any different for the year before. Late one night, a box appears on her bed. Attached is a letter that reads It’s time to become who you were born to be Wonder Fly. The Red Wasp strikes midnight tomorrow

The problem with this coming-of-age quest is no one is sure who the hero is. Set in Sydney-slash-Gotham City, the play leaps out of the world of a comic book. People are isolated, and evil preys on the spaces in between. There are bright lights and dark alleyways, just the way the Red Wasp intended.  

Armed with nothing more than a box, a costume, a mask, a torch, a few eclectic superpowers, and a map with a big ‘X’ on it, Wonder Fly asks the question: if we are all heroes, who does that make the villain?

Please join us for this colourful and humour-filled superhero adventure,
in the RA Young Bat Cave of Truth, Compassion and Wisdom.

Performances: 22nd- 24th September 6pm, 25th September 5pm
Venue: RA Young Hall
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