Year 7 campers accept challenges

Canoeing - one of the activities on Year 7 Camp

Canoeing - one of the activities on Year 7 Camp

By Rob Stretch, Embedded Program Coordinator for OEG at Radford College

Our recent program with the Year 7 students a few weeks ago, spending five days and four nights at Biloela, was a resounding success, thanks in no small part, to the hard work from Mrs Woods, the Year 7 Tutors and teachers.

Fundamentally, this program focuses developing relationships and friendships and accepting challenge. Using the Radford Learner Traits as a tool for the student holistic development, we can focus in on core qualities and attributes that we seek to develop here at Radford.

This Year 7 program is the first step within the Secondary school that helps Radford to build foundations for our student’s continued development as valued members and leaders in society.

With teachers and tutors there at these times of challenge, we have a great opportunity to see student’s growth and celebrate their success. These touch points help in the long-term pastoral care and support of students as they move through the school.

Overall then a great week with some positive learnings. Don’t listen to me though, this is what the students and teachers said.

Quotes from the week about the positive impact of the program.


“Overall the program was quality. Good staff, good activities and well structured.”

“The experiences provided really challenged students. There were opportunities they’ve never had before so it was very fun to do them. Mr Dribbly is a great invention. The procedures involved with making the camp happen are impressive!”

“The experience was very worthwhile, I only rated it as `met expectations’ as I had already been on a camp so knew what to expect, to exceed that would be very high!”

“Group leaders are wonderful and very kind with the students. Very knowledgeable as well.”

Year 12 Mentors

"Going on Year 7 camp as a mentor brought my journey at Radford full circle.  It helped me to reflect on how I have developed since I was a Year 7 on camp.  During my time with the younger students, I recognised the sense of camaraderie and community amongst them that is essential as they embark on the next exciting chapter of their lives together."

"We had fantastic leaders, they were so organized, great with the kids but also made the whole experience fun. As a mentor I found it enjoyable helping the kids and the leaders wherever I was needed."

"To next year’s mentors, throw yourself into the camp. Talk with the group instructors and your teachers, you’ll be surprised what sort of stories they have to tell and how funny they are. Strike up a conversation with all the kids and do whatever actives you can with them. This camp is a great icebreaker and hopefully will be the start of some special friendships." 

Year 7 Students

"The best camp I’ve ever been on."

"I thought it was positive because I had an amazing group."

"I started it as very positive as I believe that this experience will help me in the future. Plus, I have made new friends during the way."

"In this camp you learn about you and what you can do. It helps you push yourself and work on the skills you don’t normally get to test. You also learn how to work with, and as, a group. This experience will make friends, skills and memories."

"Biloela is an amazing camp and it teaches many values that don’t only apply to camping and outdoor living but your ordinary life as well. It encourages working as a team and bravery to overcome some of the challenges you may face." 

"I really enjoyed the way Biloela was structured. It was super fun doing the activities that we could, especially the abseiling and the mountain bike riding. All of it was part of the interactive experience, including the cooking! We got to cook our own food. That was especially well set up. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is nervous about going. Camp was brilliant." 

"At first it is a little weird because there are only drop toilets and there is no Wi-Fi but it’s good to try every challenge. The activities were very fun like canoeing and if you are scared to try something new just have a go at it and you might like it."

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