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The love of self-sacrifice

12 May 2021

Reflecting on the sacrifices made by parents, and the commandment "love one another as I have loved you"

By Andy Fleming, Associate Chaplain

Andy Fleming, Associate ChaplainCelebrating Mother’s Day last Sunday reminded me just how much my parents sacrificed to afford me the opportunities to find my path and purpose. Their love is without question or condition. I have an even greater appreciation of their sacrifice as I, too, now navigate parenthood. 

Coincidentally, Sunday’s Gospel reading for Church was also about love and sacrifice. In John 15.9-17, Jesus talks of the love the Father has for him, which he in turn has for his friends, the disciples. In fact, in verse 12, Jesus reminds his friends of his commandment to “love one another as I have loved you.” 

In our context today these verses are most challenging. The love Jesus asks of us to give our neighbours and friends is not the ‘touchy-feely,’ kind of love that makes you feel good, but a love of genuine self-sacrifice that expects more of us than simply putting needs of others in front of our own. It requires us to put away our own preconceived ideas, prejudices and judgements that can hinder relationships. It asks us to embrace diversity, and risk standing for justice. 

It is the kind of love that inspires. The kind of love that I see parents have for their children.

Baptism and Confirmation Services

A reminder for anyone in interested in exploring baptism, admission to Holy Communion or confirmation to please get in touch. We are hoping to be able to begin the process soon with the students who have already expressed interest in confirmation. More details can be found here.


A prayer for the week ahead

Loving God,

Thank you for the blessings we receive and bless the week ahead. Be with us as we face each challenge.

May we be resourced, so we do not become overwhelmed by our responsibilities and commitments.

Help us to be aware of others around us and to show selfless love, especially to those who need us the most.

May we have gratitude for what we have, grace in our words and actions.



May the love of God be with you in the week ahead,
Chaplain Andy




Autumn sunrise at Radford, photo by Tracey Markovic

JS News, 12 May 2021

12 May 2021

The positivity of appreciating beauty and excellence


Wed 12 May       JS Parent Workshop
Mon 17 May       Year 4 Parent gathering
Tues 18 May       6PG Excursion to Radford Rowing Shed
Wed 19 May       JS Cross Country 


From Tracey Markovic, Assistant Head of Junior School, Operations and Systems

Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence
In line with our Positive Education philosophy, the Junior School uses Character Strengths as another means to acknowledge and celebrate ‘what is right with you’.  The 24 VIA (Values in Action) Character Strengths are universally valued. They exist within each of us and can be intentionally nurtured. 

Each week the Junior School ‘spotlights’ one Character Strength that forms a focus. For the past fortnight, staff and students have been focusing on the Character Strength of Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence. 

In The Positivity Project, Jeff Bryan describes those who express an appreciation of beauty and excellence, notice and appreciate beauty, excellence and/or skilled performance in all domains of life  from nature to art to mathematics to science to everyday experience. Appreciation of beauty and excellence is the ability to identify and enjoy that which is admirable in the world. 

Why is it important to appreciate beauty and excellence in our everyday lives?
Put simply, individuals who are able to appreciate excellence and beauty in the world around them experience strong positive emotions. They are able to connect with the world in the real sense and find joy in the simple things in life. 

Students and staff in the Junior School and across the College have been noticing excellence and beauty every day, and some have captured photos of what they have witnessed. See the images at the foot of this article.

To find out more about the Character Strength of Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence from the VIA Institute website please click here.

Mother's Day
Mother's Day is an annual reminder to pay attention to and appreciate the relationship you have with your mum. We celebrate and cherish the strong and influential women in our lives.   

On Friday morning parents, students and the Radford JS community gathered to celebrate and honour all mothers, and the influence mothers have in society. The Undercroft was a hive of happiness filled with mothers, family friends, daughters, sons, grandchildren, fathers and Basil, our therapy dog, even dropped in. 

Mothers' Day 2021 celebration at Radford

Visitors were treated to special performances from Omo Wewe (our African drumming group) and choristers from the Songsters and Warblers. 

From hot cups of tea, tasty ham and cheese croissants, to apple slinkies and conversations with friends, there was something for everyone. The smiles and laughs allowed all those in attendance to enjoy the morning and spend time with those they care about. 

Our thanks go to all of our Junior School staff for their help. A special thank you must also go to Cathy Jackson, Erica Whitby and to the many Secondary Service students who assisted in the lead up to and during the event. We could not have done it without your help!


 Full Moon - Jon Craddock  Autumn-Lisa-Plenty  Sunset 1

To stop and appreciate the beauty of our closest terrestrial object, is something I love to do. Between 12 and 13 times a year, we have the opportunity to see a moon in all its glory, and this last full moon, the Pink Moon, was absolutely spectacular. Jon Craddock

We usually only see these colours at the start and the end of the day. In autumn we get to see these beautiful colours all day. Lisa Plenty

I have chosen this photo because it shows appreciation of beauty and excellence, because sunsets are really nice and pretty. Lucy Sincock

 Possum and moon  Frida Kahlo planter  Ombre sunset

The moon high above a possum in the turning circle.

“Frida Kahlo” - art meets nature.  The plant is “Baby’s Tears” (Soleirolia solerolii).

I chose this sunset because of the colours and the ombré. Amelie Egan

 Sunrise  Autumn leaves  Maple

As the sun rises each day, so do the infinite possibilities available to us.

I think this tree is beautiful because of the colours. They’re always lovely this time of year, with the deep crimson red and the bright pinky orange. Kate Kristiansen

The magic of autumn colours on previously green trees is a beautiful reminder of the miracle of creation.

Support the Anglicare Pantry Appeal

Anglicare Pantry Appeal 2021

28 April 2021

Please donate to support those in need in our community

From Julia Oreo, Teacher - Year 9 Giving Group Coordinator

The Anglicare Pantry Appeal is officially launched every winter, though it runs throughout the year, with the aim of seeking donations of non-perishable food and essential living items. The items collected throughout the appeal are distributed to families and individuals in the community in need of emergency assistance. 

The Pantry Appeal isn’t just about collecting food donations, it’s about transforming lives. The donations received during the Pantry Appeal support the work of Anglicare in helping disadvantaged children, young people and families to hope, heal and thrive. Many times, people don’t seek the help they need until they can no longer afford to feed themselves. This is for many reasons including embarrassment, unemployment, illness or injury, disability and poor financial literacy. 

Please support the Pantry Appeal this year and help those in need. 

Donations can be left at the collection points in the Secondary School Library, and at Junior School reception, ELC reception and 5/6 reception until the end of Term 2.


Anglicare Pantry Appeal 2021


Block Heading

Block Heading

Block Heading