Ethics Olympiad - ACT Champions

Ethics Olympiad
Back row, L-R: Holly Todd, Olivia Wang; front row, L-R: Edi Lupton, Pippa Humphries, (Terry Yang absent).

By Pippa Humphries, Year 10 team member

On 3 May, five Radford students competed in the ACT-NSW branch of the 2022 International Ethics Olympiad. We placed first in the ACT, winning gold, and securing our place at the National Championships on 27 July. The team comprised: Olivia Wang, Holly Todd, Pippa Humphries, Edi Lupton and Terry Yang.

In short, an Ethics Olympiad is a competition in which teams compete through organised discourse on pre-set stimuli. An extract from the Ethics Olympiad case sheet:

An Ethics Olympiad differs from debating in that students are not assigned opposing views; rather, they defend whatever position they believe is right and win by showing that they have thought more carefully, deeply, and perceptively about the cases in question.”

While almost everyone on our team had competed in an Ethics Olympiad before, at either the Senior or Middle School levels, this year was one to remember. Together, we worked smoothly and cohesively to deliver our stance (and any counterarguments) in the most compelling way possible.