From the Senior Chaplain

Chapel artwork

By Rev. Dr Katherine Rainger, Senior Chaplain

It has been great to connect with students in person this week. We continue to connect with Years 3, 4, 5, 7 and 8 remotely. Well done for persevering!

Radford College is an Anglican School named after Bishop Lewis Bostock Radford (1869–1937). As an Anglican School we are guided by our values of truth, compassion and wisdom.

The Anglican Schools Australia Network often hosts discussions about what it means to be an Anglican School. At Radford we have contextualised this discussion under the headings of believing, thinking, gathering, welcoming and serving.

Click here to view the Radford College poster on what it means to be an Anglican school.

The artwork in the poster and shown left, by Wiradjuri artist Duncan Smith, hangs in our chapel. The painting symbolises the ‘scar tree’ of the cross of Christ, human beings, animals, the earth and the Radford community with the handprints of Radford staff and students included in the painting. The eagle is a symbol in Indigenous and Christian spirituality.

Anglicare Sunday ‘Horizons of Hope’

As an Anglican School we partner with organisations who work within the broader community.

The NSW South, NSW West and ACT branch of Anglicare has over 700 staff, runs 42 programs to cater to the most vulnerable people and supports more the 1200 clients at any given time.

Last Sunday was Anglicare Sunday, a time to hear about Anglicare’s work and consider supporting them with time, resources or a donation.

For a story about the difference that a partnership between Lanyon Valley Anglican Church and Anglicare is making in people’s lives, click here.

Fun fact: There are two Anglicare bins on the Radford campus in the Performing Arts Centre carpark. Donations of clean clothing, manchester and shoes are welcome.

Inner North Anglican Youth Group

One of the hallmarks of Anglicanism is a commitment to place. You will find an Anglican Parish just about everywhere. Parishes in the vicinity of Radford College include Holy Covenant Jamison, Christ Church Hawker, All Saints Ainslie, St Phillip’s O’Connor, St John’s Reid and St Barnabas Charnwood.

Holy Cross Hackett is hosting an Inner North Anglican Youth Group. An All Age BBQ, Games and Celebration is planned for 31 October from 4pm–7pm (see poster below). All are welcome. Register here. Dancer, poet and educator Jahzeel Campbell who has visited Radford on several occasions will lead a dance workshop as part of the evening.

Blessings for peace, patience, hope, and fun in the week ahead.

Rev. Katherine

All Age BBQ and Party