Textile recycling through Worn Up

Worn Up

As an addition to Radford’s other sustainability measures, the College is now partnering with ‘Worn Up’, a textile recycling company that aims to keep recyclable textiles out of landfill.

Worn Up collects school and corporate uniforms which are no longer wearable/saleable and they are turned into a wide range of items including tables, tiles, dog beds, acoustic tiles and more!

The mid-year break is a chance to go through uniform items no longer needed and:

  • donate saleable ones to the P&F Secondhand Shop, and
  • put unsaleable items in the Worn Up pod.
Dog swag
Dog swag made from the Worn Up textile recycling program

Where: Recycle pod located in the P&F Secondhand Shop
Uniform items which are no longer useable and not saleable
Worn Up does not recycle school bags, shoes or intimate apparel.

Get on board! Did you know that...

95% of all textile waste in landfill is recyclable
10% of all global CO2 production comes from textile production
1 cotton t-shirt uses 2,700 litres of water to produce


Please note that the Secondhand Uniform Shop will only be open on the third week of the mid-semester holiday break. It will be closed for the first two weeks of the holiday break and will re-open on Wednesday 13 July and Thursday 14 July.